Resideo and Gome Telecom Equipment Team Up to Deliver High-Quality Smart-Home Products and Services to Chinese Families

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Resideo and GOME Telecom Equipment Team Up to Deliver High-Quality Smart-Home Products and Services to Chinese Families

SHANGHAI, April 11, 2019 – Resideo Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: REZI), a leading global provider of critical comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, today announced a strategic agreement with GOME Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd., a key member of the GOME Group. The cooperation agreement will combine Resideo's extensive technical expertise in smart homes with GOME’s distribution capabilities in China’s retail market to deliver high-quality smart-home products and services throughout the country.

Household-products manufacturing is a 3 trillion RMB industry in China. It also is an industry in which artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things find rapid and meaningful application. As a result of this, smart homes are set to boom in China. Resideo has responded to the needs of local customers by providing tailor-made solutions suitable for smart control both inside and outside of a residence. This echoes GOME's vision of “providing smart devices and complete solutions for individuals, families and businesses.”

“Strong relationships with companies like GOME Telecom Equipment are an important part of offering our customers best-in-class offerings,” said Vension Wu, managing director, Resideo, Asia Pacific. “Our contractors rely on us for design, consultation and training on new technology and connectivity. With a proven track record developing  innovative technologies and connectivity solutions, we are ramping up our commitment to help contractors succeed as smart-home experts. GOME is a strategic partner whose vision aligns with our own.”

This year, Resideo plans to set up booths featuring smart living in more than 100 GOME stores. Resideo plans to bring a number of Honeywell Home™ branded systems and products to market in China that are designed to meet the demand for enhanced home security, safety and water leakage protection.

“GOME Group ended the year 2018 on a strong note by stepping into the exciting ‘Smart Home – Life’ cycle. GOME Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd, a key member of the Group, is realizing this strategy by delivering more convenient and comfortable life experiences to the consumer. We took a tremendously positive stride in the China market by forming the strategic alliance with Resideo,” said Mr Song Linlin, GOME Telecom’s chairman. “At GOME, we believe wisdom creates the extraordinary. Resideo has over 100 years of experience in advanced technological research and innovation which perfectly fits with GOME’s pursuit to deliver the extraordinary. GOME Telecom has successfully integrated its sales, distributions and logistics networks – prioritizing  great after-sales to provide Chinese families with affordable, high-quality smart-home products. The company remains committed to offering highly professional and premium smart-life experiences to consumers.”

About Resideo

Resideo is a leading global provider of critical comfort and security solutions primarily in residential environments, and distributor of low-voltage and security products. Building on a 130-year heritage, Resideo has a presence in more than 150 million homes, with 15 million systems installed in homes each year. We continue to serve more than 110,000 contractors through leading distributors, including our ADI Global Distribution business, which exports to more than 100 countries from more than 200 stocking locations around the world. Resideo is a $4.8 billion company with approximately 13,000 global employees. For more information about Resideo, please visit

The Honeywell Home trademark is used under a long-term license from Honeywell International Inc.

About GOME Telecom Equipment

GOME Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd is an A-share listed company. As a key member of the GOME Group, its mission is fueled by the Group’s platform strategy and ecosystem approach by embracing the idea of "Wisdom creates extraordinary." Since being rebranded as GOME Telecom in May 2017, the Company is committed to offering intelligent terminals and software services to individuals, families and enterprises.