ExpoProtection exhibition in Paris.

Monica Davidson
Senior Communications Manager for EMEA

Resideo Offers 4G Connectivity as Part of European Videofied Xt Security Solutions

Rolle, Switzerland 14 November 2022 – From 15 to 17 November 2022, Resideo Technologies Inc. (NYSE: REZI) - a global provider of home comfort and security solutions - will be exhibiting its flagship security products at the ExpoProtection exhibition in Paris.

One of the products it will highlight is the company's Videofied XT panels, which use patented technology to provide optimum signal integrity and security. The range is already one of Europe's leading commercial outdoor security solutions and operates seamlessly when connected to a 4G network.

The range, which offers tailored solutions for indoor and outdoor use, includes:

The XT-IP240 alarm panel - a Videofied® indoor wireless, battery-operated security panel. The control panel is designed for video verification in residential and small commercial security applications.

✓ The XTO-IP240 alarm panel - a Videofied® outdoor weatherproof, wireless, battery-operated security panel. The control panel is designed for outdoor commercial applications such as constructions sites, vacant sites, cellular towers and remote sites.

The control panels in both the XTO-IP240 and XT-IP240 are powered by four 3.6V Lithium batteries that last up to four years (with normal system activity) - and can also be powered by a mains power supply.

The key features that help professional installers to help their customers protect what matters most include:

Key Features
S2View®: Spread Spectrum, Videofied, Interactive AES Encrypted Wireless technology Provides optimum signal integrity and security between the security panel and wireless devices.
Compatibility Works with all Videofied® wireless devices
Zones/devices Up to 25
Tamper detection 24-hour dual-tamper function provides detection for both cover and wall removal
Control panel Also monitors all system device tamper switches
Areas Up to four
Access codes Up to 20
Configuration/programming: On-site using alphanumeric keypads
Communication Reports to central monitoring stations using Frontel
Video verification Video resolution of QVGA (320x240), 0 lux sensitivity, 5-frames per second, 256 kB MPEG (H264) file
History/event log Up to 4,000 events stored in flash memory that cannot be cleared or erased

Laurent Legris, Global Senior Director of Security and Safety Products at Resideo, explained the significance of the 4G move: "Operators across the world are planning to upgrade from 2G to 4G in the near term. Therefore, it was important for us to give reassurance to the professional installers - who rely on our Videofied products to protect what matters most to their customers - that our products will continue to operate seamlessly when connected to a 4G network."

To find out more information on the Videofied XT range visit: www.resideo.com

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