Fact Sheet: Resideo’s Energy Services

Keep a Pulse on a Home’s Energy Use and Receive Energy Saving Tips

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Critical Appliance Monitoring

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for nearly 50% of the energy consumption in a typical U.S. home – on average, costing homeowners about $900 a year – making it the most significant energy expenditure for most households. So, while energy-efficient light bulbs and high-efficiency appliances are essential, homeowners may want to focus on minimizing their heating and cooling costs for the biggest impact.

Critical appliances, like a water heater or furnace, have average life spans of about 10-15 years. And as aging or failing appliances begin to deteriorate, they tend to draw more energy as their efficiency decreases. Unusual energy usage often indicates an issue with the appliance and suggests the need for a fix or maintenance by a licensed professional.

So how can homeowners keep an eye on these big-ticket appliances? Resideo’s LifeWhere device clamps on to wires that power the appliances and uses internet-connected hardware and proprietary analytics software to track energy usage, learning the habits for individual machines.

For example, LifeWhere’s technology might identify a small problem with a furnace that would eventually lead to a shutdown. When recognized, the system will notify the homeowner and their contractor. This lets them diagnose and repair the furnace before it fails, so a homeowner’s family isn’t left out in the cold. This proactive approach to maintaining appliances helps keep families comfortable while saving homeowners from costly appliance replacements. Remote monitoring offers contractors accurate machine history, providing the ability to diagnose problems quickly in the future. The data also shows how machines are failing. Technicians can diagnose an issue remotely, and bring the correct replacement parts to the home, promptly solving problems before failure. This improved service increases consumer loyalty and offers a new revenue opportunity for professionals.

Resideo’s Critical Appliance Monitoring Service will be available through professionals in 2021.

Energy Services

Resideo’s new software service understands how the home’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system reacts and recovers to changing weather conditions. With that data, the smart thermostat knows how to adjust the schedule while using the least amount of energy possible. Our app allows us to predict what a homeowner’s energy use will be based on the weather forecast and environmental conditions around their home, including their personal comfort level.

The new, dynamic approach creates thermodynamic models of the home to accurately predict home heating and cooling run time and energy use. It also offers homeowners real opportunities for savings.

This new service will be available on existing Honeywell Home™ T Series Smart Thermostats in 2021, and also will be available on future smart thermostats.

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