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Fact Sheet: Resideo Whole Home Leak Detection

From Keeping an Eye on the Pipes Hidden Behind Walls to Managing Everyday Water Usage, Resideo’s Water Solutions and Services Help Put the Homeowner in Control

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Buoy™ Whole Home Water Controller

Ninety-three percent of water damage claims could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shut-off. Fixing household water leaks can save thousands of dollars in-home repairs and reduce the cost of water bills – but first, homeowners need to know the leaks are happening.

Resideo's Buoy™Whole Home Water Controller helps them track and manage their water usage and can automatically shut off the water if it detects a leak. The technology categorizes water usage, measures flow rate, applies advanced machine-learning algorithms, and analyzes insights in real-time.

As soon as the controller is installed on the home's main water line and connected to the home's Wi-Fi network, it starts flexing its machine-learning muscle to learn where water is being used, identify unusual usage and send alerts to homeowners and/or plumbers about potential problems.

The Resideo Home app shows water usage and provides shut-off control from anywhere to help save money and prevent water damage. See how much water is being used for showers, sinks, lawns, and leaks – and turn it off remotely or automatically with the app.

The Buoy Controller can:

  • Shut off a home's water remotely from a button in the app or automatically according to the shut-off rules the homeowner sets up.
  • Shut off a home's water in an emergency when no power or Wi-Fi is available.
  • Security 101: What to Expect from a Professional
  • Categorize a home's water usage in real-time.
  • Be installed indoors or outdoors, and it is rechargeable battery means there's no need for a nearby electrical outlet.
  • Help a homeowner reduce their water bill and prevent water-leak damage.
Buoy™ Water Leak Detector

During colder weather, pipes may burst when the water inside them freezes and expands. That's why – in addition to water leaks – the Buoy Water Leak Detector also can sense temperature changes and humidity, then send an alert – either via the app or the device – when the temperature dips low enough that the pipes could freeze.

The Buoy sensor runs on two AA batteries, which are rated to last up to three years with regular use. It includes a 4-foot cable – the entire length of which can detect leaks – that can be combined with other cables for coverage of a whole room.

New Integration Capabilities

When synced with the Buoy Controller, the Water Leak Detector works as a system, which means that notifications from the detector can trigger whole-home water shut-off via the controller. This is especially useful when detecting a leak from a sink or appliance hose. For example, place the detector next to the washing machine, if it detects a leaky washing machine hose, it will automatically shut off the water via the controller.

For the Professional

Now available to the professional channel for the first time, installers get a new revenue stream and business differentiator that positions them as an essential resource for a whole-home solution. Installers can also add their contact information to the Resideo Home app, so they are the homeowner's default contact for future service calls.

For builders, the controller has a "construction mode" that helps protect a job site from water damage – even if there isn't Wi-Fi. During construction, the controller can shut off the water automatically at a pre-set flow rate or duration. This protects the job site from damage caused by uncapped lines, water left on during inspections, small leaks far from work areas, and more.

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