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A Look Back at CONNECT 2019: The Greatest Pros

Two Major Product Launches & Life Safety Award Recipient

We’re hot off the heels of CONNECT 2019, our annual customer conference, which wrapped up this weekend in Phoenix. It was a huge success and we’re thankful for all of professionals who were able to join us!

Those who attended know that this year’s event was definitely one for the record books as nearly 500 security, HVAC, plumbing and electrical professionals saw Resideo unveil two major air and water products, demonstrate the company’s upcoming ProSeries Security and Smart Home platform, organize our annual community service event and recognize this year’s Life Safety Award winner.

Products for the Pros: Buoy Whole Home Water Controller and AirCycle Program

Security is far more than doors, locks and glass break sensors. Now, even our HVAC and plumbing professionals are a vital part of making each and every smart home safe, secure, efficient and comfortable, which is why we were so excited to launch two products at CONNECT.

Studies suggest that 93% of water damage claims could be avoided by using a leak detection device with remote shutoff. With the Buoy Whole Home Water Controlle , homeowners can track and manage their water usage and also have peace of mind that their water will be shut off if the system detects a leak. The Controller is now available to order, and can be added to any professionals’ arsenal as a new revenue stream and business differentiator.

The AirCycle Program enables HVAC contractors to have a data-driven conversation with homeowners about their indoor air quality (IAQ) and offers a simple and easy way for the homeowner to take action on that data. We spend nearly 90% of our time indoors and the air quality can be two to five times worse than the air outside. Now professionals can offer homeowners key facts about the six key IAQ indicators – carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, particles, humidity, odors and smells, and temperature – to help inform the homeowner about improving their IAQ. Professionals can get access to one AirCycle monitor, training, coaching and unlimited access to reports for only $1,995.

Interactive Innovations and Public Safety Advocacy

Resideo attendees with the disaster and hygiene kits they created.

In addition to learning all about our two new solutions, professionals also got a chance to participate in this year’s community service project and celebrate one of their peers saving the lives of a mother and her baby.

Thursday morning nearly 100 CONNECT attendees came together to assemble disaster and hygiene care kits for The American Red Cross. The 500+ kits will be given out to victims in the wake of any upcoming disaster in Arizona, New Mexico or El Paso.

During the Awards Gala, the Life Safety Award was presented to close out the three-day event. This year’s recipient of the Life Safety Award was B Safe Security. B Safe Security not only provided, installed and continuously monitored the carbon monoxide detector that alerted a sleeping mother and her baby, but the professionals contacted the family and dispatched the local fire department. Without B Safe’s expertise and quick response, the family could have been drastically impacted by the deadly gas in the home. Thanks to all of our professionals for keeping families safe and comfortable.

Quentin Gunther, Resideo’s Premier Dealer Program Leader, closed out the Awards Gala thanking everyone for coming and announced that Resideo’s Connect 2020 will take place in Marco Island, Florida from November 12-15, 2020.