7 Easy Spring-Cleaning Ideas

7 Easy Spring-Cleaning Ideas

With Spring (finally) here, the temperature isn't the only thing climbing higher. As our daily highs slowly increase, the season change also brings with it rising flood waters.

Our Cheddar @ Home partners recently spoke with Resideo’s Ryan McArdle, product manager of comfort controls, about how professional home maintenance can lead to fewer problems, headaches and can save money. Here are some tips to get your home ready for the season.

  1. Get Ready for Flood and Storm Season

    It’s a good time to install an award-winning WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector, which will send an alert to your smart phone if it detects any moisture, such as rising flood waters, a leak from a home appliance, or if there is excess humidity.

  2. Check A/C

    If your home has central air, having it professionally serviced every spring could extend the life of the system, increase its energy efficiency and may prevent unexpected outages as temperatures rise.

  3. Change Filters

    With pollen blooming, it’s time to replace the heating and cooling (HVAC) system’s air filter. Use a High-Efficiency Particle Arresting (HEPA) air filter or one rated for a MERV level of 11 to 12 (instead of a lower number) to make sure you are capturing more particles.

  4. Seal Windows and Doors

    Inspect doors and windows for any gaps and then caulk and seal those leaks to keep comfort up and energy costs down.

  5. Vacuum Refrigerator Coils

    A thick coating of dust and grime impairs the efficiency of your fridge. Give its cooling coils a thorough cleaning each spring with a vacuum or brush.

  6. Replace Smoke Detector Batteries

    Spring is a good time to replace the batteries in any wireless home carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detection devices.

  7. Upgrade the Thermostat

    New season, new routine! Now your thermostat can adjust with your life. The new T9 and T10 Pro Smart Thermostats, available this Spring, use geofencing to make sure your house is comfortable when you arrive and helping you save money when you’re away. Don't forget to pair it with Amazon Alexa or your Google Assistant to change temperature on the fly.

These simple home maintenance steps are easy to overlook but can save you headaches (and money) in the long run. To find a professional who can help you with your Spring cleaning, visit the Find-A-PRO page on HoneywellHome.com.