Resideo Highlights State of the Home Services Industry

A Recap from Resideo's April Town Halls

Everyone is experiencing the COVID-19 health pandemic, but not everyone is experiencing it in the same way. While there isn't one right way to cope with the coronavirus pandemic, Resideo wanted to offer help to its professionals as they look for ways to navigate the current pandemic.

In April 2020, Resideo hosted a two Town Halls for essential home service providers
Replays are available to both town halls on Resideo.com: Best Practices for Essential Home Services and The State of the Security Industry and below are several salient points.

The Five Cs

During the last forty-five days, Resideo had received many questions about how to cope in this new, pandemic-era business environment. After talking with many professionals in the home services industry, Resideo’s Scott Harkins compiled this set of best practices. Click the links to hear snippets from leaders, on the given topic:

1. Commit to a COVID-19 plan that offers protection and policies for your employees and customers & make it detailed but easy to explain. 

2. Communicate with your customer that you are an essential business and available to assist – reference your commitment to their safety.

3. Continue to bring value to your customers. It is ok to sell solutions that bring value in this “work-from-home” environment. 

4. Conserve cash by implementing smart cost cutting policies & apply for the Paycheck Protection Program and other CARES Act stimulus offerings. 

5. Community support is critical. If your business is slow, pivot to supporting the community. If you can’t do business, do good!

For additional information about the 5Cs, read this recent article from Scott Harkins.

Thank You

The Resideo Town Halls featured a collection of experts from the HVAC, security and home services industries, and we greatly appreciate our panelists’ participation and for their efforts to support our industry in these highly unusual times.

It will take effort, agility, optimism, intelligence and leadership to create successful business practices that work in this economy, which can only help as the economy recovers. As Todd Santiago said, "These times cause us to be better… Leadership is at an all-time premium right now. We have to lead out: lead our teams, lead our customers, lead our industry. Demand is there and we are an essential service… In spite of a daily influx of bad news, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about the future."

For additional guidance and materials, Resideo developed a coronavirus page filled with resources to support your business.