Cheddar @ Home Talks with Resideo’s Product Marketing Director, Jay Ramachandran

Five Benefits of Having a Home Security System from Resideo

Cheddar @ Home Talks with Resideo’s Product Marketing Director, Jay Ramachandran

Your dog is on the couch chewing up your favorite pillow. You want to check on the kids when they’re home alone. A vase mysteriously breaks. If only you had an extra set of eyes at home – now you can with Resideo’s security offerings.

With a variety of security options available, Cheddar @ Home  recently spoke with Resideo’s director of product marketing, Jay Ramachandran, about recent home security trends. Jay offers insight into how these products, such as the Lyric Security and Home Control System or our Smart Home Security System, help secure our homes and keep our families safe.

Five Benefits of a Home Security System

Here are five ways Resideo can help you keep watch on your smart home, wherever you are:

  1. Deter unwanted visitors: When combined with Outdoor MotionViewers™, your Smart Home Security system can help keep unwanted visitors away by working with your other smart devices to simulate an occupied home. The system can turn on compatible lights, and the 90-decibel internal speaker can play sounds like a barking dog, to make any potential intruder think twice.
  2. Catch an intruder in the act: With night vision, you’ll see what’s happening at all hours of the night.
  3. Monitor windows and doors with smarter alerts: Keep a watch over important areas by receiving a video clip of important movement in the yard or basement window, captured by a MotionViewer.
  4. View clips from anywhere: With free secure cloud storage, you can stream and download clips from the past 24 hours on your smart phone.
  5. Talk to the dog: Two-way audio lets you stay in touch, wherever you are. So, if you see Fido is eating the mail, you can tell him to stop – right there and then. Spy on the dog’s hiding spot: Every corner is visible with a wide-angle view in the 1080p high-definition camera.

On the flip side, if you don’t want the camera on, you can turn the system off via the Honeywell Home™ app. For additional peace of mind, the camera base station also features a privacy ring that you can rotate and slide into place, which blocks the camera’s field of view.

Resideo Plays Well with Others

The system works seamlessly with other smart-home brands, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT (If This, Then That). Going away? Use it with Z-Wave lights and IFTTT to recreate the brightness and sounds of a busy home to deter unwelcome visitors.

Smart Home Security is a great system for consumers looking to upgrade to a wireless system that can travel with you. Resideo residential security can meet your needs no matter what they are. To learn more about our full range of professionally installed and monitored security solutions, like the Lyric Security and Home Control System, visit to find a professional in your area.

There are many possibilities with Resideo in your home – and we’ll keep adding and improving more to make your home even smarter.

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