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Five Cozy Winter Design Trends to Help Keep Your Home Comfortable

Tips from interior designer to delight all your senses

By: Claire Zinnecker, founder of Claire Zinnecker Designs and Honeywell Home product user


I don’t know about you all, but these winter months really take a toll on my mental state. Cold and dreary days mean it’s necessary to make your indoor space cozy, comfy and refreshed! I like to make the start of the new year a time to change things up a bit. Consider your senses and a relaxing color pallet while you plan your refresh.

1. Let light in – Days are shorter and maximizing the sun is a must. I like privacy without blocking light so prefer a soft linen drape or a top-down/bottom-up shade to create privacy where needed but also lets in the sun! Use ambient light in the evenings for that cozy feel with lamps and candles.

Claire in the kitchen

2. Bring in the outdoors – I am a girl who loves her plants! Not only are they great for air quality but they also improve my mood. I have at least one plant in every room. They are also wonderful for adding a splash of color! I also love incorporating landscapes and abstract paintings with colors that evoke the feeling of the outdoors into my décor, helping me escape from the monochromatic color scheme of winter.

Claire with the plant

3. Keep it cozy with layers – I am always game for a good pillow/blanket moment on a sofa or chair! Adding layers not only softens a space while warming it up but it also allows you to introduce patterns and colors that you can change easily if you tire of them.

Dogs  lie on the sofa in a cozy living room

4. Offer comfort – My Honeywell Home T9 Smart thermostat1 has smart room sensors that detect which rooms are occupied automatically and can deliver the right temperature to the right room at the right time. This can help extend the reach of your thermostat – beyond just a hallway – to deliver a comfort that's 'just right' to your whole home (and make those blankets purely for decoration because you won’t need to use them!)

A thermostat on the wall

5. Evoke feeling – I have the most sensitive nose. And with four fur babies I have to make sure things smell fresh! I love using diffusers or candles to make it always smell cozy and clean (even if sometimes it isn’t!) But if your home has a more serious indoor air quality issue, you'll want to seek the advice of an HVAC professional to ensure you have proper humidification and dehumidification.

Be inspired and not swayed by the “paint colors of the year” and find a pallet that suits you, not one that’s trendy. This is a point I always make with my clients. The home is YOUR space, and it should be a place that fills you with happiness not just a place to snap an Instagram photo. Enjoy your space this winter! I'm in the final stages of renovating a 120-year old home, so for more design tips, follow me on Instagram.


1 Claire Zinnecker received Honeywell Home products for participation in this article.