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Four Ways to Deliver Turnkey Results for Your Business

Resideo's training sessions offer real-world tips for busy HVAC and plumbing pros

By Jamie Quanrud, Resideo Sales Training Leader

One HVAC industry veteran that we partner with said it well: "HVAC is ever-evolving and constant training is needed to catch up.” I agree!

But finding time for training can be a challenge if you’re a busy contractor, technician or distributor managing an operation and juggling an unpredictable schedule.

At Resideo, we’re proud to have designed an online training platform unlike any other in our industry. Attended by more than 6,200 professionals since March 2020, our free, one-hour webinar training sessions offer product and solution overviews and real time-saving tips that you can apply to your business immediately. And the a la carte format is perfect for busy schedules. Here are a few ways the sessions can help move your business forward.

  • Dive deeper into topics to meet homeowners' evolving needs
    Webinar_BLOG_Chart-finalMany of you have told us that you use our training series to complement your own staff training, allowing team members to take a deeper dive into our solutions. Based on that input, we're covering virtually every aspect of home comfort, plumbing and connectivity, including upcoming seasonal opportunities and pressing business challenges. Here are just a handful of the topics we’ve covered or will be addressing in the near future. (Click on the links below to see past recordings, and view upcoming sessions via our latest webinar schedule.)
  • Hear from people who’ve been there
    One aspect we receive a lot of positive feedback on is our presenters. Each live webinar features members of the Resideo sales and product management teams offering their insights as they provide the technical training. Many of these leaders were previously contractors or technicians, or have worked for a distributor. They live and breathe these products, and they deliver information in a way that’s highly relevant and provide real-world experiences for today’s on-the-go pros. Through these sessions, they’ll help your team not only solve today’s challenges but also prepare for the season ahead.

    We always leave room for a live post-training Q&A session, which allows you to ask questions on the topic at hand and receive real-time feedback.

    When we asked attendees how likely they were to recommend our ventilation webinar (10 = “extremely likely”), the average score was 9.4.
  • Learn quickly, and apply in real time
    When you need more help solving new challenges, we deliver fresh content to match your requests – from ventilation and zoning to home connectivity and more. For example, the current pandemic saw a rise in false information, which drove a spike in interest for indoor air quality and filtration solutions. We highlighted products and tips you could use when dealing with homeowner concerns. I recently heard from Kimberly, a webinar participant, who said that, “This was really helpful information I can take out in the field for my customers.”
  • Take advantage of free training today
    We post sign-ups for new webinars often, so don’t miss this chance to have your team learn from Resideo experts. Once completed, the sessions are posted in our webinar archive for free, 24/7 viewing – another convenient training tool you always have at hand.

    C1_3D_RECOG_TR_PROV_color_300We realize that life is busy and appreciate your willingness to give us an hour out of your hectic day. And we make it worth your while. In fact, when we asked attendees how likely they were to recommend a recent webinar to a colleague (10 = extremely likely), the average score was 9.4.

    And for our HVAC pros, we offer 1 NATE credit for each LIVE webinar attended* – so you and your team members can enhance your on-the-job knowledge and advance toward your certification goals at the same time.

    Visit our webinar page to enroll, explore upcoming topics or view past training modules. It’s all free, so I encourage you to sign up today! We hope to see you at an upcoming training session.

    *NATE credits are only awarded for attending a LIVE webinar, not when viewing a previously presented session.