Georgia Scott during the bell ringing event at the New York Stock Exchange

47 Years and Counting

Meet one of our longest-serving employees, Georgia Scott who was recognized for her long service by joining Mike Nefkens and the leadership team at our bell ringing event at the New York Stock Exchange

For a new company, it’s unusual to have an employee with more than 47 years of service. Yet that’s just what we have at Resideo with one of our longest-serving employees, Georgia Scott. She joined Honeywell in 1971 and has served 47 years and 9 months with Honeywell and now Resideo.

To recognize her service, she joined Mike Nefkens and the Resideo leadership team at our bell ringing event at the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

“I’m honored to have been invited to attend our bell-ringing in New York and excited for the next chapter of my journey with the company,” said Georgia. “My roots with my team, office, and this company go deep. It’s been a rewarding experience so far, and I look forward to even more years of great collaboration ahead.”

Georgia is based at the Golden Valley, Minnesota, office. She is married and has two sons who live nearby. Georgia is originally from Kalispell, Montana, which is located outside of Glacier Park in the northwest part of the state. She relocated to Minneapolis in 1970. Georgia started working for the company on January 4, 1971 and was based at Honeywell’s General Offices at 2701 4th Ave South in Minneapolis for 32 years. She has worked in technical communications and marketing communications during her four decades of service.

One of the things Georgia talked about today was how dramatically things have changed over the years. “There were no copy machines in 1971 and everyone typed on carbon paper sets or ditto paper. In fact, there was still a dress code for women when I started. We wore a dress or a skirt to work. The dress code expanded to allow pant suits in 1972. Smoking at work was completely acceptable in the 1970s, and I can remember fires starting in garbage cans from ashes on several occasions.”

Georgia’s manager, Jan Baaden Gee, global director of Marketing Communications, says, “Georgia has a great spirit and attitude. I’m impressed at her ability to embrace change – she’s seen a lot of it over her career – and willingness to take on new challenges. She’s got her 50th work anniversary already within view. Let’s all cheer her on!”

Let’s all join with Jan and wish Georgia continued great success on the road to that milestone!