How Smart-Home Tech Can Help Seniors ‘Age in Place’

How Smart-Home Tech Can Help Seniors ‘Age in Place’

You might not associate smart-home technology with aging adults, but its impact within this growing demographic is quite important. Find out how Resideo is providing solutions that benefit the senior community with insight from one of our Resideo Premier Security Dealers in Florida.

Smart Solutions for an Aging Population

In the next 10 years, the United States will experience a demographic turning point. By 2030, all Baby Boomers will be older than age 65, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Today’s seniors also will live longer than any generation before thanks in large part to advances in health care. With new advances in smart-home technology, they will also be more capable to “age in place.”

Aging in place focuses on creating a home environment that is safe, comfortable and functional, and that allows seniors the opportunity to stay in the residence of their choice for as long as they can. Traditional services, including home health care, cleaning services and meal-delivery programs, have helped seniors stay in their homes longer, and so can smart-home technology. Plus, it can help family members know what is happening with their loved ones.

Remote Services Can Help Families Stay Informed

Resideo Total Connect Remote Services includes a mobile app with remote-monitoring services. This can help family members maintain a connection to elderly relatives who live independently but may require extra care and attention in their own homes. You can check in on your loved ones any time – all from the easy-to-use mobile app. It’s a great way to keep caregivers connected.

  • See, hear and speak to nurses or home health aides at the premises, and take a screen shot of video activity – all from the same screen.
  • Monitor hallways, staircases and doors with live video.
  • Be notified if a bathtub or toilet overflows, or if an extreme temperature has been sensed.
  • Help keep seniors feeling safer and more comfortable with remote access to adjust thermostats, turn lighting on or off, and lock doors at night.
  • Receive alerts if activity does not take place during a specific timeframe, helping ensure seniors are up and moving around their home.

Many of Resideo’s technologies also integrate with Amazon Alexa, so seniors can arm and disarm their security system or turn on porch lights at bedtime with simple voice prompts. It’s a great solution for someone with diminished sight, or even someone who just wants a sense of staying connected.

A Resideo Dealer Explains How Technology Can Help

To talk about how Resideo is leading the way in technologies that enable aging in place, here’s a discussion with one of our security professionals in Florida, where 20% of the residents are 65 years and older.

Meet Dave Minerva, executive vice president of sales at Executive Electronics – a family-owned-and-operated full-service residential and commercial low-voltage integrator that has been in business for 35 years in Southwest Florida.

“When we discuss aging with clients, we tell them by having smart technology, you actually keep your freedom and independence. When you can help yourself with a press of a button or a simple voice command, you and your family can feel more connected.”

Resideo: It’s only natural that some aging adults may have hesitation or lack confidence with smart-home technology. What is your advice to them?

Dave: I ask them to imagine what it would be like if they had home automation. For example, when they are tired and ready for bed, I describe how easy it is to select a “bedtime scene” or even easier, tell Alexa to set a “bedtime scene” that automatically turns off the lights, lowers the thermostat, locks the doors and arms the alarm. In that scenario, they don’t have to walk around and do all of that themselves or worry about pushing a wrong button in the process. It’s all done for them. "Your Lifestyle, Made Simple" is what our motto is, and we really strive to provide that.

I also ask them to show me their phone. I point out how many apps they already have to keep in touch with family and grandkids. Sometimes they have as many as me, and I am in my late 30s. I say to them, “What if I gave you one more app, that made life easier, and is really easy to use?” Then they feel confident. I would say more than 75% end up choosing Resideo Total Connect and several connected devices that gives them the simplicity to automate many of the functions around their homes.

Resideo: What are the most common or most helpful products that you would recommend for this demographic?

Dave: Our aging clients are often very informed in security alarms but there are many other products and solutions that they aren’t aware of. So, my team and I listen to their needs and take careful notes during our consultations so we can explain and recommend the products that will provide them with the quality of life they deserve.

Frequently, in addition to security systems, our clients often add smart thermostats, locks and overhead garage door controls. And we ALWAYS make sure they are outfitted with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The smart locks and garage door controls are great for aging clients to be able to let guests and trusted service providers come and go. These types of products just provide a certain ease to their life.

Resideo: What about retired people who may have a second home that they only live in during the winter? How can they better keep an eye on their home when they’re away?

Dave: We all know Florida is a popular “snowbird” destination, so if you don’t live here year-round, smart home devices with mobile monitoring allow you to still know what’s going on and be in control. You can lock or unlock your doors, arm or disarm your alarm, and be notified when others do. Change the thermostats, randomize lighting to appear home, and keep an eye on the area with cameras, so you know what’s going on in and around the home, always.

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