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How to Prepare for Warmer Weather

Inventory Do's and Don'ts and Five Products That Can Help Prepare for Profits

As any HVAC professional can attest, if a homeowner's windows are open and their system is off during the spring, that’s a great opportunity to 1) Tune up the cooling system and 2) Stock your truck for impending heat waves.

According to NASA, we’re experiencing a dramatic, long-term warming trend as the last seven years have been the warmest seven years on record - with the summer of 2020 topping them all. And with homeowners likely spending another summer at home working, that cooling unit is expected to be running on over-drive.

“Last summer, we saw homeowners experience catastrophic disturbances from unusual spikes in water and energy use, and all this was taxing the water systems, power systems and longer run times on equipment," said William Palmer, president, Operational Excellence at Measured, LLC. “When cooling equipment becomes strained all over the country – and some areas saw shortages – 'bandages' were put on many systems. That’s just not going to be sustainable for the long run.”

Palmer, who serves home service companies in HVACR, Plumbing and electrical, also noted that many customers are getting ahead of potential shortages this summer and stocking their trucks with the most in-demand Honeywell Home and Resideo products for summer. From the thermostat on the wall to the contactor and transformers in the cooling unit, Resideo's trusted solutions can help professionals gear up for a busy summer:

  • 1. Programmable thermostatsA collage of product images.Palmer says that the Honeywell Home T6 Pro thermostat continues to be a favorite among his customers, and the Honeywell Home T10 Pro smart thermostat with RedLink® room sensors have been great for those working from home as it helps deliver the right temperature to their home office at the right time;

  • 2. Water leak detectors – Professionals can help homeowners detect and potentially reduce the chance of home or commercial water damage;

  • 3. Air filters – To continue to keep systems running smoothly, be sure to swap out, and stock up on, the popular MERV-rated air filters;

  • 4. Contactors – Resideo's updated contactors are easy to install, offer better protection from dirt and debris and can replace nearly any competitive model; and,

  • 5. Transformers – On a service call, it's one of the first places HVAC professionals check as a potential point of failure, so it's important to stay well stocked.

“Last cooling season was all about helping reduce airborne viruses with proper indoor air quality solutions and contactless calls,” said Palmer. “This summer, it's all about education and preparation. It’s important to preserve service agreement relationships because each service agreement is a change-out waiting to happen."

Don't be left behind. Contact your Resideo sales representative today to schedule your truck- stock training.