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How to Use Demand Response Programs as Your Secret Summer Upsell Weapon

If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’re probably familiar with the Demand Response programs offered by local utility companies. If not, here’s a quick primer.
Demand Response (DR) is a temporary reduction of energy consumption during times of peak demand (usually between 4:00-7:00 pm on weekdays). Many utilities offer DR programs in the form of consumer rebates and incentives to defer the electrical load on especially hot days. Which makes these programs good for the utility companies, good for homeowners, and also potentially good for you.

Using local DR programs to your advantage

Many utilities offer homeowners a rebate when they install an energy-efficient air conditioner, a qualifying WiFi thermostat, or both. And some utilities offer customers an annual bill credit for allowing the utility to automatically adjust their thermostat.
Here’s where you come in. Homeowners who don’t currently have an energy-efficient A/C unit or a qualifying WiFi thermostat are a no-brainer upsell opportunity. You’ll get paid in full up front, and the homeowner could get reimbursed by the utility. Plus, they’ll save money and energy in the long run – making it the easiest upsell conversation you’ll have all summer.

Talking to customers about the benefits

There are three key benefits for homeowners who upgrade their equipment and enroll in a DR program:

  1. Saving money
    Some utilities can charge customers up to 7X the typical rate during times of peak demand.* Enrolling in a DR program is an easy way for them to save money without lifting a finger.
  2. Saving power
    The Environmental Defense Fund estimates that DR programs could help cut 14% of peak U.S. energy, which in turn can reduce customer costs and ease stress on the electric utility system.
  3. Helping the environment
    Residential cooling systems across the U.S. release an average of 140 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.** By participating in a DR program and using less energy, homeowners can help reduce the amount of environmental pollution.

Find out if your state participates

DR programs aren’t available in every state. Check with your local energy company or click here. to see the list of energy companies that offer rebates on DR-enabled Honeywell Home thermostats.
For reference, here are the Honeywell Home trade thermostats eligible for DR participation:

Piggybacking on local DR programs (and their incentives) is a great way to drive summer revenue without having to bear the incentive cost. But you’ll want to get on it quickly. Convincing homeowners to throttle back their A/C is much more difficult when they’re already feeling the heat and humidity. To find a list of all utility rebates in your area by zip code, click here. Happy summer selling!