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Leading with Purpose: Resideo's Mike Maher Draws on Decades of Industry Experience to Navigate Through Industry Disruption

Maher shares post-pandemic trends and ways to help meet customers' evolving needs

Mike Maher's headshot.Security dealers – and their customers – were faced with several anomalies over the last 20 months: the 3G sunset, a pandemic and social unrest. All of which caused un-planned demand and put pressure on the supply chain and day-to-day operations.

Yet, homeowners are very satisfied with how their home security provider has dealt with the 2020 pandemic. A 2020 study showed a satisfaction rate that exceeded other service providers/businesses, according to a 2020 Residential Security Market Trends study commissioned by ESA and sponsored by Resideo.

"In the face of disruption, and our industry has seen a lot of it during the last 15 years – not to mention the last 15 months, it's crucial to focus on what matters most: supporting your customers," said Mike Maher, Sales Director for Security at Resideo. "I still remember my first residential security system sale, and once the security business gets in your blood, it's hard to get out. It's so rewarding to help protect lives and families – and I've seen all sides of the business: from working on installation, guarding it, distributing it, making it, and now selling it."

At Resideo, Maher continues to add resources to his expert sales team. In fact, the team that runs the company’s Premier Security Dealer Program is made up of mostly former security dealers and focused on assisting its hundreds of dealers through its dedicated support programs. Each month, the team shares best business practices on a variety of topics including marketing, sales training and how to navigate a changing landscape full of opportunities. In the first six months of 2021, the Premier Security Dealer Program added more than 50 dealers.

"When I work with our dealer network and hear their pain points, I know exactly the fears they are feeling," said Maher. "Because I've done that job, I've had that issue – in most cases. And, the biggest joy I have is the work we do with our Premier Security Dealer Program: I'm so proud that we have the expertise and resources to deliver a world-class dealer program – a network of passionate companies whom I learn from every day.”

And that admiration for the partnership goes both ways.

“The amount of support we receive from the Resideo Premier Security Dealer Program has been amazing,” said Marvin Smith, President, Orlando Emergency Signal. “Whether it is through sales, marketing or the co-op program, everyone has been completely hands-on. We feel like everyone has a vested interest in our continued growth.”


What's Next, After the Great Reset?

Smart home product manufacturers are all measuring and monitoring the shifts made to daily life, lifestyles and household patterns that occurred as a result of safer-at-home lifestyles, and will continue to adjust based on those trends to meet customer needs. Because, in fact, 40% of security system owners are planning to upgrade their system, and more than 50% report these plans relate to COVID-19, according to Parks Associates.

Based on industry trends and insights from Resideo's network of professionals, following are some home security trends to monitor:

  • -    Home Office & Home Gyms are likely to be a fixture that stays. Homeowners can set the right temperature for morning workouts while helping ensure that Carbon Dioxide levels remain in check as they spend more time exhaling in these spaces.

  • -    Garages & Outdoor spaces got a boost. Moreover, homeowners are adding perimeter security to secure those new spaces. The number of networked cameras in a home has increased since 2019, and that rate is expected to continue to increase.

  • -    Master Suite Remodels are a common request among contractors as homeowners seek respite. One way customers help feel peace of mind at night is to have professional monitoring of their entire home. The Resideo ProSeries Platform brings it all together: it is a life safety platform, a smart home integration platform and intelligent software/back-end management platform that that integrates all elements of the smart home: from lights and locks to smart thermostats and perimeter security. They can easily check lighting, locks and garage doors all from the comfort of their own bed.

  • -    The Residential New Construction (RNC) industry shows more than a 30% increase in housing starts from a year ago, according to the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s March 2021 results. And a connected home is one of the top four purchase drivers of a new home, and that purchase intent is forcing connectedness and interoperability in the RNC space in a way not seen before.

    Maher's advice when meeting this customer need?

    "Be honest. Be sincere. And remember that we're protecting their most important investment – a responsibility that is not lost on any security dealer that I've worked with. When you get right down to it – people want a trusted product name, installation company and monitoring company."

Originally published in ESA's September/October Security Nation and re-purposed with permission.

About Mike Maher

Mike Maher, Director of Sales, Security at Resideo, has more than 30 years of experience in the security industry. With intimate knowledge of the state of the industry from selling and installing security and life safety solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, Maher oversees the sales department.

From selling alarm systems right out of college, to his current role as a global sales leader, Maher has worked in every part of the fire and safety industry. Maher worked for a variety of industry-leading companies, including Ademco, Pittway, Honeywell and now Resideo alongside industry legends such as Ben Cornett and Roger Fradin. He believes the most important thing to consider is the needs of the customer.