4 Resideo leaders making a difference in the security community

As Seen in ESA's Security Nation

Resideo Leaders Honored by Security Nation for Exceptional Contributions to the Security Industry

In an era where security concerns have reached unprecedented heights, the role of innovative leaders in shaping the landscape of safety and protection is more crucial than ever. Among these trailblazers, there stand four remarkable individuals at Resideo, the forefront of the security community, whose ingenuity and commitment have not only redefined industry standards but have also made a profound difference in the lives of countless people.

In the latest edition of ESA's Security Nation, four Resideo leaders were featured for their outstanding contributions to the industry. These accomplished individuals, Jeannine Lane, Executive Vice President and General Counsel; Katie Cornett, Strategic Accounts Sales Leader; Cindy Nardella, Director, Channel Marketing; and April Downs, Inside Sales Manager, have played pivotal roles in shaping Resideo's impact in the security landscape.

Their unwavering dedication to enhancing security measures, coupled with their visionary approaches, have set new benchmarks in the field. In this exclusive Q&A, ESA delves into the extraordinary contributions of these Resideo leaders, shedding light on the impact they have made on the security community.

Below, are some excerpts from the recent feature.

Jeanine Lane

"One key aspect I’m focused on is: ‘how do we ensure life safety as the No. 1 objective?’ And how do we minimize the time it takes to detect a threat and the time to respond to it. Time is integral to life safety. Users should never sacrifice life safety for convenience.”

Jeannine Lane, Executive Vice President and General Counsel


Katie Cornett"I actively engage in industry councils dedicated to promoting inclusivity within our field. My commitment is rooted in fostering an environment where all communities feel welcome, thus stimulating innovation across the industry.”

Katie Cornett, Strategic Accounts Sales Leader



Cindy Nardella

"Our Brand Ambassador program is a great career path for someone just entering the workforce because it gives them an opportunity to learn about the business from the ground up. From the marketing team to sales leadership, everyone is invested in helping these individuals succeed and it has been rewarding to see this program evolve and grow across the country.”

Cindy Nardella, Director, Channel Marketing

April Downs"Delivering world-class support to customers is and has always been a top priority for me and is a culture I encourage within my teams. A culture where we stay focused on not just our customers, but our customer’s customer... finding the perfect solutions to fit their needs, and building strong, long-lasting relationships that will last for many years to come.”

April Downs, Inside Sales Manager

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