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Resideo Customers Help Conserve Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Lisa Goldson Armstrong highlights Resideo's contribution to a more sustainable future

Updated: 05/03/2021

By Lisa Goldson Armstrong, VP of Global Marketing at Resideo

I've always believed in the idea of a triple bottom line – it's possible to do well as a company, while also doing well for humanity and the planet. And I was motivated by Resideo’s shared approach when I joined the company in 2020. Lisa Goldson Armstrong's photo

We have made progress and see continuing opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize greenhouse gas emissions in two main areas: 

  • Sustainability in our Operations – how we're optimizing our supply chains, our facilities and reducing non-renewable resources wherever possible.
  • Sustainability Through our Products – many of the products we manufacture help consumers achieve comfort while also reducing their energy use and ensuring their homes are protected from damage.

Our roots extend over a century to the very first thermostat built with a programmable setpoint schedule to reduce energy use resulting in lower heating and cooling costs for the homeowner. Connected thermostats have evolved to drive better savings without sacrificing comfort by leveraging geofencing, setpoint optimization and other intelligence.

We recently analyzed data from three of our energy-saving devices installed in homes and businesses across the globe: connected thermostats, recovery ventilators and gas water heater valves. Our data scientists estimate that in 2020, these Resideo products helped its customers save 1.6 Million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent, which is comparable to the energy used by nearly 200,000 homes for one year1.

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Resideo Lessens Impact, Serves Customers

The U.S. power grid is not prepared to handle the hotter spells or chillier cold snaps we’ve experienced recently in California and Texas.

To help offset spikes in demand, our thermostats are used in most major residential utility Demand Response programs in North America. Resideo's Energy Management division also controls a fleet of flexible Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) that serve at the forefront of the smart electricity grid. These DERs are enabling the proliferation of renewable generation sources lowering both costs and emissions across the country.

We’ve seen a preview of the potential energy risks, and Resideo has shown itself to have a best-in-class team that is prepared, dedicated and flexible. As experts call for an updated electrical grid, without disrupting energy supplies, it will be a delicate balancing act. Given the breadth of our solutions and the competence and flexibility of our software offerings, Resideo's contribution will be key to a sustainable future.

Keep up the great work, team!

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