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Resideo Dealer Provides Extraordinary Experience to Autistic Teen

Updated on January 21, 2019

Logan Mayer, an autistic teenager who is interested in being an alarm technician, was given a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Wayne Alarm Systems, a Resideo security dealer in Lynn, MA.

Logan has been fascinated with connecting things, including pipes, plumbing and wires since he was an infant. As a teen, he is very interested in alarm systems and motion sensors, and plans to be an alarm technician.

Recently, Logan’s parents reached out to Ralph W. Sevinor, President of Wayne Alarm Systems, a dealer that has been our customer for decades. Ralph is also an alarm historian and has his own private alarm museum. The parents asked if Logan could visit the museum and learn from the Wayne Alarm team.

Ralph sent Logan course materials before his visit and arranged an entire day for Logan to train as an alarm technician. As part of the training, Resideo sent the latest Honeywell Home products for Logan to view as well as some upcoming technology and Resideo swag. During the day, Logan went with the team to a testing and inspection at a local bank to see firsthand what it is like in the field. After the site visit, Logan spent time in the monitoring center, sales, and technical departments, and also met with the general manager.  

Logan wrote of his day at Wayne Alarm that, “It was awesome! The best day of my life. The people were nice and friendly. The experience with Ralph was awesome. People took time to help broaden my interests on alarm systems and I really appreciated that.”

The experience was rewarding for members of Wayne Alarm’s staff as well, explained Nathan Raustad, Marketing Coordinator for Wayne Alarm. “Not only was Logan here to learn from our team, our team certainly learned from Logan,” said Nathan. “Logan was a very refreshing reminder to our staff that there are people that truly do appreciate the work our industry puts in.”

“We are saving lives in this industry, and Logan understood that clearly. Every piece of our staff that got the opportunity to interact with Logan walked away touched.”

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Logan appreciated the design of Resideo’s Honeywell Home products.

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Logan (front row right) with his parents (front row) and members of the Wayne Alarm Systems team, including Ralph W. Sevinor (back row, second right) and Nathan Raustad (back row, far right).