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Resideo Redefines Its Product Design

We Bring Deep Specialization and Subject Matter Expertise to Ensure Your Family’s Comfort and Wellbeing

As Resideo has evolved to a stand-alone company with a new name and mission – so has our experience design team.  We spoke with some of the designers and leadership team of Resideo’s Global Experience Design (GXD) group to learn more.

“We chose our name because it clearly states who we are,” said Ted Booth, vice president of GXD. “We are a global design team that delivers great user experiences across all touchpoints for home owners, professional installers and Resideo employees. GXD is truly global, with design studios in Golden Valley, Minnesota; Melville, New York; Europe; Bangalore, India; Shanghai, China; and soon in Austin, Texas. The GXD team supports all of Resideo as one global team."

Like Resideo, GXD focuses on one line of business and market – the smart home – allowing for deep specialization and subject matter expertise.

“Since we are focused on the home, that allows us to develop strong understanding of that user experience and more complete user personas,” said Aleyse McNealy, Industrial & Experience Designer. “Primarily, these fall into two categories of personas: Homeowners (and other people living in the home) and contractors serving the home. We research both persona types and bring a level of empathy to all the work we do by understanding the needs and wants of the end user and then making sure they are met by our products.”