Six Industry Leaders Discuss Benefits of a Diverse and Engaged Workforce

Professional service industry leaders offer tips on how to adapt and tackle change

Studying STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – offers the building blocks for a cutting-edge career. Often seen as ‘jobs of the future,’ these professions can impact people's daily lives in the most critical ways. In addition to having field-specific technical skills, a career in STEM requires critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as well as knowledge of leading-edge technology.

As technology continues to evolve and is increasingly integrated into homes and businesses, these seemingly ‘jobs of the future’ are very much present in the smart homes and buildings of ‘right now.’ For example, every building we enter, every flip of the light switch, turn of the faucet or voice-assistant enabled routine are thanks to engineers and highly skilled service professionals that help keep a building or home safe, efficient and comfortable.

We spoke with some of our customers in the professional services industry – whose companies depend on skilled, STEM-trained professionals – and asked how they attract a diverse workforce and embrace new challenges in the fast-paced HVAC, new construction and security industries.

Since STEM careers and the professional services industry are typically male-dominated fields, women in these industries are no stranger to jumping hurdles and forging new paths. A special thanks to the following female leaders, and Resideo and ADI Global Distribution customers, who shared how their companies embrace change and adapt:

image of the Comtronics team

Anne Campau (center), EVP and General Counsel of Comtronics with colleagues Sarah Cook (left), Field Technician, and Sam Marchand (right), Marketing and Communications Manager. Anne credits the company’s culture as a driving force that pulled the team through hard times during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The typical challenges their companies faced were compounded by the global pandemic, and their teams found new opportunities to serve their customers and empower employees by:

  1. Standing up to the challenge and breaking through it. Because chances are that great things are on the other side of it.
  2. Valuing (really listening and valuing) each and every team member.
  3. Actively seeking a diverse workforce (that reflects the communities they serve).
  4. Empowering the ‘mold-breakers’ who can help drive change.
  5. Building a culture that embraces change, acceptance, inclusiveness, empathy, and having a commitment to foster growth for all team members.

Following are additional thoughts from these leaders about how they embrace change and why they are dedicated to empowering employees and building a strong internal culture.

Image of Melissa Brinkman and her Quote Image of Anne Campau and her Quote Image of Tabetha Koerth and her Quote Joey_Rao-Russell and her Quote_1
Angie Snow and her Quote_1 Image of Danielle Tocco and her Quote

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