Smart Thermostats are the Quarterbacks of the Home

Three reasons to add them to your lineup for all-pro comfort and control

A season of opportunity
Fall’s crisp days and cool breezes usher in the excitement of football season, and the fun of cheering on your favorite team. For HVAC professionals, it’s also a great time to take a fresh look at your own comfort lineup, find new ways to build your business and up your game for customers – like upgrading to smart thermostats that can expand comfort control, convenience and efficiencies during heating season.

In fact, a recent ASHRAE journal highlighted a study showing that smart thermostats combined with remote sensors can drive annual energy savings of up to 43.6%, and the devices pay for themselves in just a year.

Clutch solutions that create full indoor air quality control
In honor of football season, we’re showcasing three all-pro Resideo WiFi thermostats – the Honeywell Home Prestige IAQ, T10 Pro and VisionPRO 8000 – that share the hallmark features of a great quarterback.

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  1. They are versatile
    They don’t stop at temperature management – instead, they can orchestrate whole-home comfort and total indoor air quality (IAQ) control that customers want, all from one easy-to-use device.

    Indoor air quality has never meant more to homeowners. By combining one of these versatile thermostats with our humidification, dehumidification, and/or ventilation solutions, you’ll enhance your sales while also making it easier for them to live in total comfort.

    Jason Gaspard of Select Mechanical in Minnesota has seen the benefits of these devices first-hand. “For years, there were three different controls doing three different things…and they were playing tug of war a lot,” he said. “There was no logic tying them together. That's where Honeywell Home IAQ control systems came in. We've just found them to be a great tool for us – and great for the homeowner, too.

  2. They thrive under pressure
    With many indoor air quality factors in play, these smart thermostats rise up to meet the challenge, through:
    • Intuitive displays that give homeowners a holistic snapshot of their home’s critical systems – and make your service calls easier, too;
    • Sensors and accessories1 to expand the system’s range, generating deeper data and better decision-making;
    • Programming options that can align conditions with the homeowner’s lifestyle and day-to-day needs; and,
    • Mobile alerts2 of system status allows homeowners to react quickly and makes your troubleshooting easier should an issue occur.
  3. They make it look easy
    These smart thermostats can make superior comfort effortless, seamless and convenient for you and your customers, through innovations such as:
    • Easy on-screen set-up instructions with no complex manuals – simplifying your customer hand-off and reducing your callbacks.
    • Geofencing1 and Intelligent Adaptive Recovery1, which automatically modify conditions to help homeowners optimize both comfort and savings.
    • Easy-to-install RedLINK room sensors1 and other responsive technologies that enable whole-home reach and create valuable upsell opportunities for your business.
    • Simple, app-driven system access2 for homeowners, empowering total comfort control from the palm of their hand

Prep your lineup and make this fall your best season yet – compare WiFi thermostats now.

1Not available on all thermostat models
2App use varies by thermostat model