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The Tiny Home on Wall Street

Where smart home technology meets simple living

With smart home products all the rage, there’s a key question no one seems to be asking: “Shouldn’t my smart home products be intelligent enough to work together?”

Enter: the latest New York City pop-up experience…a tiny house turned mobile technology showcase. This week, visitors can see for themselves how end-to-end solutions from Resideo’s trusted Honeywell Home brand can simplify and enhance their home.

The Resideo Tiny Home, built by B + B Tiny Houses, is the brainchild of Resideo and news outlet Cheddar. It demonstrates the intersection between smart home technology and simple living, with a whole ecosystem of Resideo’s easy-to-use home technologies. Systems in the home are controlled via simple voice commands with an Echo Show and Google Home Mini, or via Total Connect and Resideo Apps, to make the home smarter, cozier, safer, and more efficient.

Resideo is the new home of Honeywell Home, which offers integrated solutions for the exterior, on the wall, behind the wall and in the cloud. While some of the solutions have been modified for this mobile showcase, here’s what visitors to the 125-square-foot home will see:

  • Wicked Smart Integration. The smart home is wired to support Honeywell Home smart solutions, including HVAC, security, audio/video, and fire and safety. From the placement of the professionally monitored security system, to the loft and heating and cooling system, every inch of the home was optimized to take advantage of Honeywell Home’s technologies.
  • Comfy + Cozy. Resideo’s solutions can control everything in your home to keep it comfortable, which is a key differentiator for the company. From temperature and humidity to air purification, the home will make guests feel fresh and comfortable.
  • Safe + Secure. See what’s going on in and around your home, even when you’re not there. Honeywell Home security solutions offer whole-house protection, and keep you connected when you’re away.
  • Better-and-better solutions. The house is packed full of technology and features Honeywell Home’s most popular products. The Honeywell Home connected platform offers over-the-air updates so the products will always have the latest features, functionality and security.
    The house sits beneath the iconic façade of the New York Stock Exchange, where Resideo stock (REZI) begins trading Oct. 29, when the company completes its spin from Honeywell. The house will also serve as the backdrop of a new Cheddar show, which will launch later this year.

    Honeywell Home from Resideo products are available through professional HVAC contractors and home automation and security dealers, via Resideo’s ADI Global Distribution business. The home also includes DIY solutions found at major retailers and

    From the corners of Wall Street and Broad Street, to your street, Honeywell Home from Resideo offers a new way to think about the smart home: simplified. So, if you’re in the market to invest in your home by way of a smart home remodel or upgrade at your own pace, follow along at and our social media channels to live smart and simplified.