Scott Harkins: Your Day Should Get Smarter When You Get Home

Scott Harkins: Your Day Should Get Smarter when You Get Home

Advances in Monitoring Services Will Help Protect a Family’s Largest Investment

Many of us spend our days in office buildings with a facility manager who ensures the temperatures are regulated, the air we breathe is clean, the plumbing does its job and makes sure they know who’s coming and going to ensure our safety.

We get in our car and the amount of data it generates is impressive, even alerting our mechanic or dealership when the vehicle needs to be serviced next. Many of us wear connected health devices that track our steps or blood pressure, and in some situations will alert our doctor of medical issues.

But then we arrive home, the place where we make memories and build our lives, raise our families, celebrate important holidays and family birthdays. And while our homes are often our largest financial investment, aside from home security, most homeowners rarely have anyone monitoring it to ensure our investment is protected. We don’t think that’s acceptable.

Hop on over to LinkedIn and read what Scott Harkins, Resideo’s vice president and general manager of Connected Home, has to say about what we’re doing to change the smart home space.