How to Listen to the 4 Critical Networks of Your Home

Your Home Needs a Network Manager

How to Listen to the 4 Critical Networks of Your Home

Your home is talking. It wants to tell you if your water heater is misbehaving, your air quality is poor, you’ve got a water leak, and someone is looking over your back fence.

The problem is that we’re deaf to it; the home is speaking a language we don’t understand. We think that needs to change.

At Resideo, we look at our homes as consisting of four different, critical networks:

  1. The Air Network: Ducts that push air – and what’s in it – throughout the home
  2. The Water Network: All the pipes and plumbing
  3. The Energy Network: The home’s wiring and controls
  4. The Security Network: Data transported around the home to detect potential dangers

Each of these networks should be able to use your home’s WiFi network to talk to you, to help you avoid catastrophic events like pipes freezing and bursting or the air conditioning failing during a heat wave.

In a new article published on LinkedIn, Niccolo De Masi, Resideo’s president of products and solutions as well as our chief innovation officer, explains how our dynamic portfolio makes our vision of a smarter home obtainable now.