Geokey and Resideo’s Honeywell Home smart thermostat and the integration app screen

Geokey Announces Exclusive Smart Thermostat Integration with Resideo

Company News 6/19/2024
Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat Unlocks Energy Savings for Geokey Platform’s Multi-Family Customers
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Resideo in the News

Security Sales & Integration – Resideo Bolsters First Alert VX Series with VX5 Indoor Camera

SSI showcases the new First Alert VX5 Indoor Camera, announced by Resideo at ISC West 2024.

HVAC Informed – Resideo And BGE Announce Partnership To Expand Demand Response Program In Maryland

HVAC Informed highlights Resideo and BGE joining forces to enhance grid stability through expanded Connected Rewards program.

ACHR News – Elevating HVAC Excellence: A Proactive Approach to Customer Relationships

HVAC Company Owner shares insights from new HomePulse Program.

Featured Articles, Tips and Advice

A lady is checking the water leak detector in her laundry room.

Summer Travel? Ensure You and Your Home Stay Safe

Discover best practices to keep your home secure and disaster-free while you're away this summer. Learn how to protect against leaks, enhance security, and maintain energy efficiency.
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A man is checking the First Alert Precision Detection Smoke & CO Alarm.

New Home Checklist: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

This article provides a checklist to ensure your new home is safe and well-maintained. Key tasks include checking and replacing smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, ensuring fire extinguishing devices are on-hand and easy to use, installing a water and freeze detector to prevent potential damage, and upgrading to a smart thermostat for efficient temperature control and energy savings.
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A installer is setting up the app on the client's phone.

Beat the Heat: HVAC Tips for a Cooler, More Cost-Effective Summer

Discover essential HVAC tips for maximizing energy efficiency and comfort during the summer. Learn about regular maintenance, smart thermostat upgrades, air quality improvements, and energy-efficient appliances.
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4 Important Places to Keep EZ Fire Spray this Summer

Ensure a safe summer by keeping First Alert EZ Fire Spray at essential locations such as by the grill, at bonfires, near fireworks, and with your camping gear. Learn vital fire safety tips for summer activities.
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building safety

The Untapped IoT Potential In The European Commercial Insurance Industry

IoT Potential In European Insurance Industry
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A family is in the kitchen preparing food together.

5 Simple Spring Safety Tips for your Home

Refreshing your home in the spring is about more than organizing closets and cleaning floors. As winter melts away and warmer weather returns, proactively checking your home’s systems will help keep it running efficiently while remaining a comfortable and safe space for you and your loved ones.
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Company News Releases

Geokey Announces Exclusive Smart Thermostat Integration with Resideo

Company News 6/19/2024
Honeywell Home Smart Thermostat Unlocks Energy Savings for Geokey Platform’s Multi-Family Customers

Voltus and Resideo Launch New Residential Thermostat Virtual Power Plants in PJM ComEd and NYISO PSEG-LI Territories

Company News 5/14/2024
Residents with Honeywell Home, ecobee, or Google Nest thermostats can earn cash for reducing electricity usage during grid emergencies

Resideo and BGE Announce Partnership to Expand Demand Response Program in Maryland

Company News 4/30/2024
Partnership will balance the grid during peak demand periods and deliver energy savings to customers in Maryland

Precision Detection Smoke Alarms from First Alert Now Available Nationwide

Company News 4/24/2024
Updated Alarms Meet New Industrywide Manufacturing Standard, Help Provide Early Warning, Reduce Nuisance Alarms

Resideo Introduces AI-Powered First Alert Indoor Camera

Company News 4/09/2024
Expands Award-winning VX Series at ISC West 2024

Resideo Highlights New First Alert Water Leak Detection Solution for HVAC at AHR 2024

Company News 1/22/2024
Award-winning First Alert L Series now includes an HVAC Sensor and Switch

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