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Resideo. Home for the home

Life is better when you and your family are safe, protected, and comfortable. We believe nothing is more important than that. It’s the reason Resideo was created. Bringing over 130 years of engineering experience from Honeywell, we now focus exclusively on the home. Putting what matters most to you front and center at all times.

On this page, we provide answers to many of the questions you may have about the journey from Honeywell to Resideo. And we explain what this means to you as a Honeywell Home customer.

The most important place in the world

We have always focused on big ideas that change the world. Now we are only focusing on the most important place in the world: your home.


Watch our video to find out more.

About Resideo

Honeywell Home

Happy with your Honeywell Home products? Great, because that won’t change. The exceptional products and services that you’ve come to rely on are all here. And so is the expertise. Because everyone who brings you Honeywell Home products, from User Experience designers, to Innovation Engineers have found a new home here at Resideo.

We’re no longer part of a much broader business. Instead, we’re channeling decades of engineering expertise into creating homes that work in harmony around you.

We have the resources and scale to guarantee stability, provide excellent customer service, and perform the research & development needed to create technologically brilliant products.

As before. But better

We like to make things easy for you. So all our products will continue to work seamlessly with our apps and software. And you’ll have exactly the same network of installers at your disposal.

We’ve created – and are continually developing – ways to improve your comfort and security. And we do this through sophisticated connectivity that’s intuitive and simple to use. The only differ-ences you’ll notice will be in the future, as we make further technological breakthroughs to enhance your life at home.

Control your home temperature and indoor air quality with Honeywell Home smart thermostats and products.

What comes next?

Now that the home is our sole area of focus and we have 130 years of experience behind us, we're able to concentrate on making where you live a better, more convenient, and safer place to be.

Our aim is to continue to bring all the systems of the home together. Covering air, energy, security, and water products.
Many other exciting developments are int he pipeline, too. So watch this space for our new launches.

Other ways Resideo cares for your home

Other companies providing an invaluable service for the home under the Resideo banner.

Honeywell Home

Renowned as being amongst the best in the world and use in 150 million homes worldwide to help make homes safer, more comfortable and efficient.

ADI Distribution

200 offices in 19 countries make ADI the leading global wholesale distributor of access control, AV, fire, security, and smart home products.

Resideo Buoy

Buoy’s Whole Home Water Controller will send you alerts in the event of a leak, allowing you to shut off your water remotely or automatically. It can also help you conserve water and save money.
Genesis Cable Logo


“Wire That Works.” Genesis provide cable products designed to better enable the daily success of Architects, Engineers, Security, Designers and Consultants.
Resideo Life Care Solution

Resideo Braukmann

Potable water solutions which are key infrastructure additions to the home and help in water treatment and safety.
Resideo Life Care Solution


With its Remote Patient Monitoring Solution, LifeStream combines people and processes to help healthcare organizations realize the true potential of telehealth.

Handy things to know

I was with Honeywell Home. How does being with Resideo affect my Honeywell Home product?

It doesn’t. If your account/subscription/warranty are all active, nothing will change.


Will my Honeywell Home product get new features?

We’re always improving existing products, as well as developing new ones. So watch this space!


Are the products changing? And what about the app?

We are always developing new products, but will continue to support our existing ones as we normally would. Our goal is to being these systems together, creating an integrated experience that works for our consumers.


How does Honeywell Home fit in with Resideo?

The Homes division of Honeywell and became Resideo: an independent company dedicated to the home and in charge of its own future. Everyone who was working on bringing home solutions to your life are part of Resideo.