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Temperatures can vary greatly from room to room. If you’re having trouble creating consistent temperature, we recommend a smart thermostat paired with multiple room temperature sensors and an air filter to help increase comfort levels throughout your living space.

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T9 Smart Thermostat with Sensor

T9 Smart Thermostat

Find your perfect balance between comfort and energy usage with this smart home thermostat. Set the temperature in specific rooms or allow comfort to follow you with sensors that detect movement throughout the home, helping save energy when you're away.

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Air Quality

Installing air purification and filtering can bring a breath of fresh air into your home by helping to improve indoor air quality - even when all of the windows are closed.

F200 Media Air Cleaner
F200 Media Air Cleaner
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Comfort Control

Installing additional room temperature sensors help prioritize comfort in certain areas of the home and combined with a smart thermostat can even help reduce energy costs by adjusting usage based on your lifestyle.

RedLINK Room Sensor
T9 Smart Sensor
Resideo Professional Installation

Prefer Professional Installation?

While most smart thermostats are an easy install for the casual DIYer, sometimes it’s nice to have professional help to ensure quality installation. If you prefer installation by a Resideo Pro, connect with us today