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If home awareness is a concern, a smart security camera might be the right solution for you. You can view the family living space when your kids are home alone, check in on aging parents, or make sure your family pets are safe and comfortable while you're away. Homes can be a hectic place, but smart cameras can give you better visibility into the day-to-day happenings in your home.

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Honeywell Home C1 Wifi Security Camera

C1 WiFi Security Camera

Monitor your home for movement and sound with the C1 WiFi Security Camera, a camera that features two adjustable alert zones. Set one zone to your desired monitoring area and set the second around areas you would like to disregard - like ceiling fans or swaying branches outside a window. You'll also receive alerts to your smartphone via the Resideo App when the C1 recognizes specific sounds like compatible smoke or carbon monoxide alarms.

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Security Camera Installation

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There's more to "security" than detecting intruders and preventing break-ins. Resideo Pros can recommend, install, and train you on how to use Resideo products that connect and improve your security system to detect hidden dangers like CO and smoke, all with professional, round-the-clock monitoring.