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Experience a winter like no other with the Honeywell Home smart home products by Resideo that are redefining comfort.

A cozy winter starts here

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Smart Humidity

This winter experience well-balanced humidity with one of our smart whole-house, evaporative or steam humidifiers that you can control through one of our smart thermostats. The right amount of humidity helps prevent over dryness in your home while making the air feel warmer.

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Smart Comfort

No matter what’s happening outside, you can outsmart winter with one of our smart thermostats. Program the heat to kick in before you wake up, giving you savings while you sleep – adjust anytime from the Honeywell Home app.

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Outsmart Intruders

Keep out more than old man winter with our professional security solutions that help give you peace of mind so you can relax and make the most of spending time at home this winter.

Beat the Winter Blues

If the snow, ice and cold are getting you down this winter, take control with quick tips to get through the colder months.

Ten Ways to Help
The Honeywell Home smart home automation app connects all your Honeywell Home products.

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Adjust your smart thermostat from the comforts of your couch with the Honeywell Home app. See what this app can do for your home.