A mother, her young son and daughter are in a kitchen. A Resideo thermostat, set at 72 degrees, is mounted on a wall in the forefront

The Key to Your Smarter Home

Exclusively through Resideo and not available in stores, smart home kits combine some of the most popular connected home products into one convenient package - for a healthy and protected home.

Find the Right Smart Kit for You and Your Home

WiFi Color Touchscreen Thermostat Comfort and Leak Protection Kit

Take control of a kit that brings together all the colors of comfort with coverage that never misses a drop. Get started with a WiFi Smart Color Thermostat that features easy customization of temps, schedule, display color, and control devices. Then set up a three-pack of Water Leak & Freeze Detectors that can help alert you to potentially costly damage.



Whole Home Comfort and Leak Protection Kit

Protect your home with a kit that features an app-controlled T9 Smart Thermostat with Smart Room Sensor that can sense temperature changes in the places that matter most as well as a three-pack of Water Leak & Freeze Detectors can help keep you aware of potentially costly damage.


T5 Smart Thermostat Comfort and Leak Protection Kit

Update your home with smart monitoring that can welcome you inside to perfect temps while guarding for unexpected water leaks. From the app-controlled T5 Smart Thermostat, you can set comfort levels to your liking through easy-to-schedule programming or automatic adjustments when you're home or away. Complete your coverage with three Water Leak & Freeze Detectors placed near pipes or appliances for awareness of potentially costly damage.



Build Your Own Smart Kit

Our database of qualified smart home experts in your area can help you customize your own kit of Resideo security, hvac, water and energy products to suit your unique home and family needs.

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