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Resideo Pro installing smart thermostat in customer smart home

Let a Resideo Pro take it from here

Hire a Resideo Pro to simplify and support your smart home with expert product installation, ongoing system monitoring and integrated whole-home solutions.

You don’t have to do it yourself

Your new product from Resideo is meant to be enjoyed. And waiting until you get around to installing it isn’t any fun at all. Whether you’re switching it up or starting from scratch, a Resideo Pro has the know-how to get your home properly connected faster.

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Smart thermostats get smarter support with a pro that knows wiring, sensor location and HVAC integration.

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Securing your home with a pro supports your system with troubleshooting, placement and operational knowledge.

Water drop


Water usage management is simple with a pro that understands water lines, potential hazards and equipment needs.

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Increasing energy efficiency starts with a pro that knows local energy concerns, platform integration and home automation.

Who are Resideo Pros?

When you hire a Resideo Pro, you get a partner that knows how to identify and develop the power and potential of your home. Each independent installer possesses an understanding of Resideo products, services and subscriptions and how they can serve you best. Whether it’s suggesting solutions that make your life simpler or supporting the systems that makes your life more comfortable, a Resideo Pro is obsessed with creating connections that help make your house a home.


Resideo Platinum Pros are our most trusted partners. Harnessing extensive experience with Resideo and Honeywell Home products, they are best suited to serve all of your smart home needs.

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Resideo Pros are here to help