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Summer Brings the Heat

If you can't beat the heat, join it. Summer means high temps and high energy bills. But no matter what summer throws your way, we have options for you. Option one, upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat. Why? Upgrading your home with energy efficient products not only saves you money but reduces the demand for electricity, which contributes to a reduction in air pollution.

Show Summer Who's Boss

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Save with Your Utility Provider

Option two, enroll in energy savings programs through your utility provider. Just enter your zipcode into our handy savings finder tool and find a rebate or program that works for you.

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Take Home with You

Option three, manage home from anywhere with your app. Heat wave while you're out of town? Adjust your thermostat wherever you are. Summer storms rolling in as you sit on the beach? Get immediate leak alerts from your water leak detector.

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Deals and Promotions

We regularly have discounts on various products that are designed to keep you and your home safe and secure in every season.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

Everything is easier when you're prepared. Successfully managing the sometimes unpredictable summer season doesn't depend on luck. We have some tips to help you make sure your home is ready for the warmer weather.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let a pro help you with summer projects.

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