Upgrade Your Home’s Air

The Resideo Revive filter subscription service delivers your air filters when it's time to change them. Now you can change your filters on-time, every time, without all the hassle.

How It Works

infographic : a ruler - Find your filter size.

Find your filter size

Select the right size filter that fits your home. Our filters support 1”, 4”, and 5” filter thickness.

Air quality icon

Find your filter quality

Filter quality can be chosen based on the pollutants you may find in your home. Options available are MERV 8, 10, or 13.

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Schedule your deliveries

You decide how often your filters show up on your doorstep, we’ll do the rest. Options include 1, 2, 3, or 6 month increments.

Compare Filter Quality

Filter Type
Filter Quality Filters 90% of airborne particles Filters 95% of airborne particles Filters 98% of airborne particles
Description Great for homeowners looking to catch some of the bigger annoyances, like dust and pollen particles. Awesome for those needing to catch smaller particles like pet dander in addition to dust and mold. A 'must' for pet owners. Perfect for folks who want to catch all the small particles they can, even some of the smallest ones like cooking oil and cigarette smoke.
Price Starting at:
Starting at:
Starting at:
Pollen ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Lint ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Dust ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Mold ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Mites ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Bacteria ic-red-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Skin Flakes ic-grey-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Pet Dander ic-grey-check ic-Yellow-check ic-green-check
Cooking Oil ic-grey-check ic-grey-check ic-green-check
Virus Carriers ic-grey-check ic-grey-check ic-green-check
Smoke ic-grey-check ic-grey-check ic-green-check
Smog ic-grey-check ic-grey-check ic-green-check

Filter Subscription FAQs

Need Help Finding The Right Filter?

Knowing your home's filter size can make a difference. Follow these step-by-step instructions to identify what filter size is compatible with your home.