Buoy + USAA Pilot Program Details

Resideo provides solutions that make your home comfortable and secure with an unwavering focus on quality. Unfortunately, the Buoy Controller did not meet our quality and scalability standards, and the product has been discontinued.

Participants in the USAA + Buoy Pilot program have several options, detailed below, dependent upon the installation status of your Buoy product and the state in which you reside.

We will continue to support the Buoy app and data service until March 31, 2021. After this date, the Buoy product will no longer connect to WiFi and you will not be able to access your Buoy app or the data (e.g., water usage data, leak notifications, etc.). Your plumbing system should not be affected by this.


While there are no safety concerns, it is recommended that you remove your Buoy product from your home. We will help you through the process. We encourage you to schedule the removal before March 31, 2021 to reduce the inconvenience from the discontinuation of the app and data; however, we will support the removal through the end of 2021. With the ongoing pandemic, if you are not comfortable with scheduling a removal now, please let us know by sending an email to support@buoy.ai.

Choose the option that fits your Buoy installation status:

Click here if you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@buoy.ai