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Meet the supported home

Resideo focuses on helping its network of professionals become home heroes by offering solutions that protect and conserve a home's critical systems: air,  security, water, and energy. With more than 6.5 million connected customers, our technologies on the wall, behind the wall, and in the cloud help homeowners protect their family and their most important investment.

Conserve and Protect

What makes a Resideo home a supported home? It's the connections behind the walls, before your eyes, and throughout your life. The way homeowners become home masters and pros become home heroes. And ultimately, the way products become partners to keep the people and possessions under each roof comfortable, safer, and more secure.

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Resideo Honeywell Home smart air thermostat


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Home Security Products


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Resideo Buoy Whole Home Water Controller


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Resideo Honeywell Home smart energy thermostat


Stop Steady Drips and Save

Every drip adds up. Before you know it, you could be paying for gallons of unused water flowing through your home. Save water for the fun stuff and prevent costly leak damage with the BuoyTM Whole Home Water Controller.


The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller shows your water usage in real time so you can take control of your water budget and stop paying for water you're losing to slow leaks. Whether a leak is slowly dripping or suddenly gushing, the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller alerts help you shut off your water remotely, or can shut it off automatically. Buoy Whole Home Water Controller's data helps you keep using water for the fun stuff and be responsible without sacrificing your lifestyle.


Once your Buoy Whole Home Water Controller is installed and connected to your home WiFi network, it gets to work immediately, flexing its machine-learning muscle to analyze your water data. From the moment you’re connected, you can see your water use and, in an emergency, shut off your water from a button in the Buoy App.


In less than two hours, a plumber will install the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller on 4-13” of exposed pipe that has at least 6” inches clearance from walls, pipes, and appliances, or perform flex line installations if more space is needed.

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