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$200 rebate and smarter water management

Install a BuoyTM Whole Home Water Controller and get up to $200 from Southern Nevada Water Authority.


Purchase a Buoy Whole Home Water Controller and connect it to your account before 12/31/2019 to receive a one-year subscription to the Buoy Controller data service. ($120 value)

take control of your water

See how much water you're using for showers, sinks, lawns, and leaks—and turn it off remotely or automatically with the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller. Installed on your home's main water line, the Buoy Controller sends water usage data to our app to help you manage your water and protect your home. 

Pro installation of a Resideo Bouy

Pro installation

In less than two hours, a plumber will install the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller on 4-13" of exposed pipe that has at least 6" clearance from walls, pipes, and appliances, or perform flex line installations if more space is needed.

Simple monitoring

Once your Buoy Whole Home Water Controller is installed and connected to your WiFi network, it gets to work immediately, flexing its machine-learning muscle to analyze your water data. From the moment you're connected, you can see your water use data and, in an emergency, shut off your water from a button in the app.

The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller allows you to shut off your water remotely in the event of a leak or burst pipe

greater peace of mind

The Buoy Whole Home Water Controller shows up-to-the-minute water usage so you can take control of the water in your home and stop paying for water you're losing to slow leaks. Whether a leak is slowly dripping or suddenly gushing, the Buoy Whole Home Water Controller alerts help you shut off your water remotely, or can shut it off automatically.

get started

STEP 1: GET BUOY Controller

Professional installations get professional results. Contact an authorized professional near you to purchase your Buoy Whole Home Water Controller and complete your installation.

Jackdish Plumbing: 702-797-0507


Resideo Customer Support: 1-800-633-3991


To qualify for the SNWA rebate program, submit your information to the utility. By participating, you will help SNWA learn how smart water devices can help Nevadans better manage their water—and save money.