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Resideo and BGE Announce Partnership to Expand Demand Response Program in Maryland

Partnership will balance the grid during peak demand periods and deliver energy savings to customers in Maryland

Scottsdale, Ariz., (April 30, 2024)Resideo Technologies (NYSE: REZI), a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, energy management, security, and safety, and Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), the largest electric and natural gas utility company in Maryland, today announced a new partnership to expand BGE’s Connected Rewardssm program, allowing more customers to play an important role in proactively balancing the grid by reducing the overall demand for electricity during periods of peak usage.

Every day, over one million BGE customers use electricity to power their day. Occasionally, the demand for electricity is exceptionally high which may lead to higher energy costs. Resideo and BGE will work together to predict, identify and proactively react to peak demand events and optimize energy use, all while maintaining customer comfort.

“We know that BGE is committed to maintaining grid reliability and avoiding service interruptions, and we are proud that the company has selected Resideo to administer the Connected Rewards program moving forward,” said Dave Oberholzer, General Manager, Resideo Grid Services. “Resideo has the history, energy science expertise and partnerships with connected device manufacturers to help BGE promote grid reliability, boosted efficiency and cost savings for customers.”

Program participants can enroll their smart thermostats and receive financial incentives for both enrolling and remaining enrolled. The partnership with Resideo will provide BGE with access to additional thermostats across central Maryland, enabling greater load distribution and peak demand reduction.

“BGE’s partnership with Resideo will continue to evolve load management programs that will allow all BGE customers to contribute to ensuring reliable electricity in central Maryland,” said Divesh Gupta, Director of Customer Solutions for BGE. “We appreciate that Resideo has the grid expertise to deliver an intelligent load management strategy that will assist in BGE’s commitment to grid reliability along with a seamless customer experience that provides comfort while shifting energy load.”

Resideo’s distributed energy resources management platform is utilized by nearly 300 utilities nationwide, allowing customers to enroll their smart devices into demand response and energy-efficiency programs through a single interface across multiple connected solutions such as smart thermostats, battery storage, and water heaters. Resideo has harnessed the power of machine learnings through proprietary algorithms and load shaping technology to help deliver grid reliability, physical market hedging, boosted efficiency, and enhanced grid solutions for the whole home.

“With legislation, tax incentives and energy goals continuing to push for more electric vehicles and appliances, electricity use will continue to rise, making demand response programming more important than ever,” says Oberholzer. “We look forward to growing this program with BGE as needs and demand continue to evolve well into the future.”

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