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Resideo Unveils New Smart Solutions to Help Professionals Protect What Matters Most

New Smart Water and Software Solutions Showcased at AHR Expo

Scottsdale, Arizona – Feb. 6, 2023 – Resideo Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, security, and safety, today unveiled its latest smart solutions at the AHR Expo (booth #B1227) in Atlanta to help professionals protect what matters most.   

"With more than 10 million connected solutions installed worldwide, Resideo is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative professional services to help homeowners protect their most important investment," said Scott Ziffra, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Product Management at Resideo. "Our solutions on display at AHR Expo help address real opportunities today, while setting up our professionals for success as the smart, connected home of the future becomes a reality."

New L Series Water Leak Damage Defense System Stops Water Damage at the Source

The L Series smart water leak damage defense system responds to water alerts with an automatic shutoff response for simple water damage prevention. Professional installers can easily link the L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve with multiple Resideo WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detectors to create a water leak detection and defense system for whole home coverage.

Water damage is one of the most common and costly home insurance claims – yet the majority of water damage claims are preventable. In 2021, Resideo water leak detectors helped stop an estimated 2.4 million gallons* of water leaks and prevented $2.6 million in insurance claims. The L Series system offers an impressive, professional-grade system that includes:

“I have the L5 installed in my home and the process was extremely easy, and the app set up was very user friendly," said Dominick Esposito, Plumbing & Water Systems Product Manager at F.W. Webb Company. "An automatic water shutoff system is critical to have in a home and I will recommend it to my customers.”

The Resideo Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve launched in November 2022, and the Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector will be available through select North American distributors in March 2023.

Resideo Pro-IQ™ Services Offer Customer Retention, System Intelligence Tools

Resideo recently rolled out Pro-IQ™ Services, an adaptable suite of intelligent, predictive software tools designed for the evolving connected home. Pro-IQ Services meets various professional needs:  

  • In-app branding amplifies marketing and customer retention efforts by placing the HVAC company's logo and contact information in the Resideo app, keeping the company top-of-mind when a customer requires a service call.  
  • The Pro-IQ™ LifeWhere Solution is an HVAC diagnostics tool that allows professionals to remotely monitor their customer's HVAC equipment. If an issue is detected, the professional will receive an alert, allowing them to proactively schedule a service call and address the issue before it becomes a larger one. The Pro-IQ LifeWhere Solution can be bundled with in-app branding.  

Pro-IQ Services work with Resideo smart devices and are available as a monthly subscription. Additional information available at

Resideo Academy App Provides Access to Courses Anywhere

The new Resideo Academy App offers HVAC, plumbing and security professionals access to the full catalog of Resideo Academy courses via a phone or tablet. It delivers the right training at the right time, delivered right to the device.

"Our professionals enjoy keeping their skills sharp by learning about the latest installation methods, products, and integration techniques to advance their capabilities,” said Lee U'Ren, Global Director of Training & Enablement at Resideo. "With this new tool, professionals can access learning anywhere and can even download courses while on-the-job when WiFi coverage isn't optimal, and college students enrolled in our partnership schools will already have it as they start their new careers." 

The Reside Academy App is available for download on Google and Apple app stores.

About Resideo

Resideo is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of technology-driven products and solutions that provide comfort, security and safety, energy efficiency and control to customers worldwide. Building on a 130-year heritage, Resideo has a presence in more than 150 million homes, with 15 million systems installed in homes each year. It continues to serve more than 110,000 professionals through leading distributors, including its ADI Global Distribution business, which exports to more than 100 countries from nearly 200 stocking locations around the world. For more information about Resideo, visit

*The estimation of gallons saved and insurance claim reduction in 2021 is based on the average water loss during pipe burst events and other insurance industry data.




Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector.
The new L Series system features the new Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. See video here and more information available at
Hallway Thermostat.
Resideo in-app branding places HVAC Company name in the Resideo App. See video for more information.
Resideo Academy web page on iphone screen.
Resideo Academy Ambassador.

Resideo's Brand Ambassador Laurielle Leavitt showcases the new Resideo Academy App, now available for download in app stores.

Resideo Water Infographic.

Learn more about water - our planet's most abundant, yet precious, resource - and four ways to reduce water usage in the home.