Fact Sheet: New Programs and Products for Resideo Professionals

New Digital Tools Help Our Pros Build Their Business, Simplify Operations and Strengthen Relationships with Homeowners to Help Maintain and Protect the Critical Systems of the Home

The Resideo Pro Portal and Resideo Pro PERKS Loyalty Program

Resideo’s new digital experience for professionals, the Pro Portal, offers its 110,000 trade professionals a single destination for product information, product support, access to services and tools to promote and drive leads, and a new training and loyalty program called Resideo Pro PERKS, which is open now for pre-enrollment with a planned January 2020 program launch.

Resideo Pro PERKS provides business-building tools, training and benefits to make it easier than ever to help meet evolving customer needs. PERKS stands for and offers:

  • Points: Outstanding financial rewards
  • Enablement – Best practices and business enablement tools
  • Rewards – Marketing, leads, luxury items, and more
  • Knowledge – World-class online training
  • Services – Elevated support services
Resideo Home App

Prior to the new digital platform, Resideo’s products had their own separate app – one for a security system, a smart thermostat and a Buoy Whole Home Water Controller, for example. Now available on the Google Play and Apple App stores, the new Resideo app will unite all of Resideo’s connected solutions into one app by 2021 and offer homeowners unparalleled insight and control over each service and system. All previous third-party integrations, partnerships and API connections will merge and will continue to work as designed.

One app will be able to monitor the pulse of their home and can easily pair homeowners with a professional for monitoring and seamless maintenance to provide analytics and insights to help protect homeowners’ biggest investment and identify trouble before it becomes catastrophic. For example, with insights from Resideo’s data, a heating and cooling professional would receive an alert that a home’s furnace is drawing energy but not delivering heat on each cycle, and then remotely diagnose the needed repair. The technician can arrive with the needed parts, and the homeowner isn’t left stranded for additional time waiting for the parts to arrive.


As Resideo launches its new products and programs in 2020, it will do so with commitment to quality and performance. Members of its professional network will participate in a variety of professional beta tests before the solutions are in market including:

  • Next generation smart thermostat: Developed in partnership with professional contractors, the company’s next smart thermostat offers more than just temperature control. The device will fully integrate with the Resideo Home app, providing insight into a home’s four critical networks and access to subscription services through on-the-wall control with a modern user interface.
  • Pro Business Builder: Resideo will help the homeowner easily connect with the pro via in-app listings and find-a-pro marketing.
  • Homes Heroes: Using a proactive approach to maintaining appliances, a Resideo professional will be able to professionally monitor a home’s four critical networks – air, water, energy and security.
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