Simple Reliability – the Streamlined Power of Entry-Level Thermostats

Resideo offers comprehensive line of thermostats through its Honeywell Home brand

At Resideo, we’re proud to provide one of the most comprehensive lines of thermostats through our Honeywell Home brand. This allows contractors to meet every customer need, from simple to simply smart. In this article, we’re showcasing some of our entry-level thermostats and the convenient features they offer for both contractors and homeowners.

Simple designs appeal to a diverse range of customers
Our entry-level thermostats, which sometimes are also referred to as non-connected thermostats, are thoughtfully designed to make wiring and setup easy and intuitive, and offer basic features that appeal to a wide range of customers:

  • - Homeowners appreciate the easy-to-read displays and simple settings;
  • - Property managers value the reliable performance for replacement applications;
  • - Managers of multi-unit rentals and assisted living facilities like options such as heating and cooling limit settings; and,
  • - Budget-conscious customers are drawn to the low price points.

The entry-level market is significant. Even in today’s technology-driven world, there’s still a vast number of homeowners who prefer simple, “set it and forget it” thermostats, and many who prefer to adjust temperatures manually.

Introducing our entry-level thermostat lineup
Each thermostat includes an easy-to-use large display, battery-powered or hard-wired (C-wire) versatility, compressor protection and – most importantly – precise comfort accuracy of +/- 1°F. Explore the added possibilities with each model.

  • - PRO 3000: An ideal replacement solution for property management professionals
    • Basic, non-programmable thermostat with a large footprint that’ll cover most previous mounting holes
    • Large backlit display is easy to read in various lighting conditions
    • Intuitive slide switches for heat/cool control and simple up/down temperature buttons
    • 1H/1C conventional model and 2H/1C heat pump model
  • - FocusPRO 5000: A sensible replacement choice for customers who have used FocusPRO units and want to keep using them
    • Non-programmable thermostat with standard and large backlit display options
    • Includes easy push-button controls and helpful features such as auto changeover
    • Models to support 1H/1C or 2H/2C conventional systems or 2H/1C heat pumps
  • - T1 Pro* : A solid choice for new construction requiring a basic thermostat
    • Non-programmable unit with a sleek, modern design
    • Ideal for new multi-family housing and assisted-living facilities
    • T Series UWP mounting system streamlines installation and makes upgrading within the series easy
    • Low temperature setting (32°F) for heat
  • - T4 Pro* : Perfect for new buildings needing an entry-level programmable thermostat
    • A modern look with a simple interface plus 7-day scheduling convenience
    • Offers added features such as auto changeover, continuous backlight option, adjustable range stops, filter reminders and adaptive intelligence recovery
    • T Series UWP mounting system simplifies installation and upgrades
    • Models to support 1H/1C conventional or 2H/1C heat pump systems
  • - T6 Pro* : A versatile solution that puts customers on the path to connected
    • Offers programmable convenience and enhanced functionality, with a larger display and wider application compatibility than T4 – a great value
    • Does everything a T4 can do while offering capabilities T4 doesn’t support such as dual fuel, auxiliary heat lockout and optional indoor/outdoor sensor compatibility
    • T Series UWP mounting system simplifies installation and upgrades
    • Multiple models support systems from 1H/1C conventional to 3H/2C heat pumps

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New E1 PRO and T3 Pro solutions coming soon!

We heard you! Inspired by feedback from HVAC contractors in the field, our new E1 PRO and T3 Pro entry-level solutions will give you two more reliable options for meeting customer needs. Get more product details now.

Or, for jobs demanding more sophisticated performance and smart connectivity, explore our WiFi thermostats including our T Series and Prestige options. View the lineup now.

Want to learn more? Get in-depth insights into our entry-level thermostats by viewing our contractor webinar and exploring the Resideo.com website.

 *All T Series thermostats feature our UWP mounting system with an optional cover plate for expanded wall coverage.