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Water Training Catalog

The right training for the right job, delivered the right way. Resideo Academy supports HVAC, plumbing and security professionals with hands-on training and demonstrations from product and industry experts.

Be a Hot Water Hero

Use mixing valves to maximize tank efficiencies.

Solve Every Water Challenge

From hydronic heating controls to mixing valves, count on us for a complete portfolio of easy-to-install water solutions.

Product Spotlight


Braukmann L5 WiFi Water Leak Shutoff Valve

Advancing technology is making our homes safer, smarter and more connected to our active lifestyles. The Resideo Braukmann L5 Water Leak Shutoff Valve is a perfect example. When the included sensor cable or a paired Resideo WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector detects a water leak , this device automatically shuts off the water flow, protecting your home from potential damage.


Braukmann L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Help save your customers’ homes from potential damage with the Resideo L1 WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector. Easy to install and WiFi-ready, the Water Leak Detector integrates with other Resideo WiFi Water Leak Detectors creating a water leak detection system.

Press Fitting Stack

DS05 Pressure Regulating Valve

The Resideo Braukmann DS05 is a high-quality balanced pressure regulating valve that maintains a constant outlet pressure over a wide range of inlet supply pressures. It has a simple design with NPT or pre-assembled Push Connect and PEX F-1960 fittings. Available in ¾" and 1", the six SKUs require no additional parts, making it a low-cost go-to for every new construction. It is suitable for potable water and irrigation applications, both indoor and outdoor.

Hydronic Solutions

Click through the tabs to explore our full line of integrated, high-performance hydronic components.


Resideo Controls help you generate optimal comfort when and where it’s needed. From our T6 Pro Thermostat to our intuitive Zone Valve Control Panels and Zone Switching Relay Panels, our solutions deliver accuracy, efficiency and confidence.


Engineered for superior quality, reliability and safety, our Circulating Pumps bring proven performance to today’s hard-working hydronic systems. Make Resideo your go-to source for quality pumps for both closed and open loop systems.

Zone Valves

Our advanced Zone Valve portfolio has set the industry standard for reliability, service and installation convenience. Choose the exact size and fitting options you need for the job, and explore our high-performance Fill Valves, too.

Radiator Valves/TRVs

For superior steam and hot water control that enables greater comfort, efficiency and savings, make Resideo Thermostatic Radiator Valves part of your truck roll. Explore all of our options, including one-piece and high-capacity solutions.

Potable Solutions

Click through the tabs to discover how our potable portfolio can help you deliver ultimate quality and avoid time-consuming callbacks.

Pressure Regulating Valves

Protect systems in the home from excessive incoming water pressure and optimize homeowner comfort. Learn more about our DS06 DialSet® and FK06 DialSet® Filter Combination – solutions you can count on when the pressure is on.

Mixing Valves

Make it easier for customers to enjoy an ideal water temperature from any faucet, any time. Check out our lineup of Mixing Valves, highlighted by our AM-1 Series which also helps reduce mold growth in water heaters.

Leak Detection

Our WiFi Water Leak and Freeze Detector uses an app to alert homeowners, possibly alerting them of water leaks before they become costly problems. And the device is battery operated for easy maintenance and fewer callbacks.

Water Heater Gas Valves

With our versatile Water Heater Controls, only eight models are needed to replace multiple controls from commonly installed brands. They can help you stock less, sell more and build your bottom line.

Water Care

The right filtration and expansion tank make all the difference in water care. Thankfully, Resideo offers washable water sediment filters that help protect equipment, with some featuring a programmable automatic backwash. Additionally, our tanks work to control expansion by absorbing water pressure generated by the heating source—helping extend the life of your system.