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20 in. x 25 in. Media Air Cleaner

SKU: F100F2025/U

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20 in. x 25 in. Media Air Cleaner

SKU: F100F2025/U

Filter your home's air with the efficient and affordable Honeywell Home F100 electronic air cleaner. This whole home air cleaner can capture up to 85% of microscopic particles that pass through it, like dust and smoke, plus larger contaminants such as mold spores and pet dander.



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Product Overview

This electronic air cleaner works with all gas, oil and electric forced warm air furnaces and AC systems, and is available in seven sizes to fit most ducts. Homeowners will appreciate the optimized efficiency with airflow that can capture up to 98% of particles that pass through it.

Features include:

  • High efficiency media filter captures particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Applicable to all gas, oil and electric forced air furnaces and to compressor cooling up to 5 tons
  • Mounts in the return air duct
  • Rugged zinc-coated, roll-formed cabinet resists corrosion and can support weight of residential furnace and evaporator coil
  • Requires no electrical connections
  • Mounts in any position
  • Requires no maintenance except periodic media filter replacement
  • Quick and easy media filter replacement
  • Later upgrade to higher performing media or electronic air cleaner is easy

How to Get Started

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2. Get the App

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Note: Resideo Pro App currently works with T5 & T6 smart Thermostats

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3. Install

Use the Resideo Pro App to install T6 Pro Smart Thermostat in homes, which will associate those homes to your company. Then you'll be able to select which homeowners see your logo based on the pricing per household (consumer will not be charged).

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