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UV Treatment System


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UV Treatment System


UV Treatment System for Better Indoor Air Quality

Our UV Treatment System helps reduce mold and bacteria in the duct system and improves air quality in your customer's home. This energy efficient-purifier can eliminate up to 87% of certain airborne bacteria passing through the system.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer


UV100A Ultraviolet System, Coil Plus
Product Overview

Product Overview

The UV100A air treatment system is mounted downstream from the cooling coils of an HVAC system. The device is designed to prevent microorganisms such as mold and certain bacteria from growing on the duct surfaces, coils and drip pans for better indoor air quality in your customer's smart home.

The UV-C light continuously emits ultraviolet energy and eliminates or reduces airborne bacteria or surface mold while remaining energy efficient.

• H358 features a replacement lamp handle with detachable replacement bulb, UC18W or UC36W, to make replacement more economical
• UV lamp does not produce ozone
• Sealed unit design prevents accidental installer and homeowner contact with the voltage and with the ultraviolet rays
• Safe design prevents lamps from lighting unless the base is correctly mounted on the HVAC duct
• Lamp light indicator to safely view the lamp operation
• Power cord that plugs into electrical outlet
• Quick and easy bulb replacement
• Easy lamp maintenance

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UV Treatment System