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HZ221 - Wireless Zoning Systems


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HZ221 - Wireless Zoning Systems


Efficiency for Them, Upsell for

HZ221 Wireless Zoning Systems let your customers choose their comfort levels on a room-to-room basis. Installed duct dampers direct heated or cooled air exactly where homeowners want it, allowing them to prioritize rooms with a RedLINK®-paired smart thermostat.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer


TrueZONE® HZ221 Panel
Product Overview

Product Overview

Give your customers the gift of efficiency and accuracy when it comes to their comfort. A Temperature Zoning System means they won’t be heating empty rooms or over-cooling one area in order to cool another. Zoning is a comfortable, energy-efficient way to ensure your customers get the temperatures they want where they want them.

Installed in your customer’s ductwork, dampers open and close as needed, based on each zone’s thermostat settings. Paired with a T10 Pro Smart Thermostat and its RedLINK® sensors, homeowners can truly prioritize rooms, choosing different temperatures for the basement than the bedroom. When a zone doesn’t need to be heated or cooled, the dampers close to save your customers energy and maximize comfort elsewhere — greater energy efficiency for them, more upsell opportunity for you.

  • Robust push terminals
  • Common-sense LEDs
  • Clean, professional installation
  • Smaller footprint
  • Variable-speed fan control

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HZ221 - Wireless Zoning Systems