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D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller


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D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller


Temperature Control for Ductless Systems

The DC600WF Ductless Controller helps your customers get more out of their ductless systems – and a great add-on that can help reduce callbacks. This mini-split WiFi controller works with ductless systems from a range of brands.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer

Works with Honeywell Home App

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D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller
Product Overview

Product Overview

Compatible with more than 100 different models of ductless mini-split systems from top manufacturers, the Honeywell Home D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller improves virtually every ductless mini-split system you install. The pro controller keeps ductless simple with minimal hardware, easy installation and effortless homeowner hand-off. It works with the Honeywell Home app, which sends a personalized email inviting the customer to complete the WiFi connection process on their own.

Replace complicated remotes with the straightforward design of the D6 Pro Controller, which looks and works like a thermostat. Plus, intuitive controls, auto changeover, and troubleshooting mode from the app all add up to fewer callbacks and truck rolls.

  • Compatible with most major brands and models
  • WiFi communication
  • Infrared range to ductless unit in line of sight is 30 feet
  • Programmable through the app for 7-day, 5-and-2-day, or 1-week programs
  • Includes tabletop stand and wall-mount adhesive strips
  • 5-year warranty
  • Powered from included USB cable or wall plug

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Give your customers control of their air.

D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller is supported by our Honeywell Home App, which lets you control your Honeywell Home devices from anywhere, in one connected platform.

The app's one-touch dashboard brings heating and cooling control, water leak detection and security all together with activity alerts, smart home integration, improved geofencing and improved usability.


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D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller