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LYNX Touch 5210®


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LYNX Touch 5210®


Simple Home and Business Automation

With flexible operation and easy installation, the LYNX Touch 5210® brings value with a large touchscreen, live video on demand, and severe weather alerts. This smart home security system with WiFi uses remote services to save install time and reduce monthly costs.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer

Works with Honeywell Home App

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LYNX Touch 5210®
Product Overview

Product Overview

Flexibility and versatility are just a few of the ways the Honeywell Home LYNX Touch 5210® can help increase y our business. Installation of this smart home security system is fast and easy with a vibrant 4.3 in. color touchscreen, large icons, and quick response for seamless operation.

The convenience of having an all-in-one security control system for their home or business adds tremendous value for your customers. Not to be left out, you will appreciate saving install time and monthly operating costs with a remote services solution thanksto the system's WiFi capabilities.

  • Remote software upgradeability
  • Lowest-cost alarm communications (including two-way voice)
  • Consolidate security, lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves, and more—for local and remote control
  • Works with Resideo Total Conne ct App to provide remote control of security, garage doors, select event notifications, and more
  • Garage door function (up to 3 doors per system)
  • Easily service your security customers—mobile or VoIP

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Works With...
Amazon AlexaIFTTT
Primary Resideo App

Give your customers control of their air.

With Total Connect® Remote Services, your customers can connect and control the devices in their home and businesses from anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. With the Total Connect 2.0 app, they can control lights, locks, cameras, thermostats and more, receive alerts when a smart home device is triggered, and review a complete history of system events.


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LYNX Touch 5210®