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Lyric® Controller


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Lyric® Controller


Smart Home Security Made Simple

Control important aspects of your home in one central hub with the Lyric® Controller. This elegant system can manage your home's lights, locks, thermostats, and more. It features built-in WiFi and an integrated camera to snap a picture if the system is disarmed.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer

Works with Total Connect 2.0 App

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Lyric Controller
Product Overview

Product Overview

Serving as a main control hub for smart home security and comfort, the Lyric® Controller leads the industry as one of the most trusted smart home systems on the market.

You will appreciate that the system is easy to install, helping you save time and money so you can get on to the next job as quickly as possible. Your clients will value the system's ability to consolidate and wirelessly control important elements of their home such as thermostats, lights, locks, security video, and more.

  • Quick and easy install
  • 7-in. vibrant color display
  • WiFi enabled
  • Easily connects to smart devices from third parties
  • One-touch remote connection
  • Cloud-based management tool
  • Remote diagnostics for easier maintenance
  • Wall or desk mount
  • Design blends with any decor
  • Assign up to 48 simultaneous users

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Lyric® Controller