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VISTA® Control panel


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VISTA® Control panel


The VISTA®-15P Control Panel gives your customers the ability to send alarm signals via an Internet Protocol (IP) upload-download. Hardwired expansion, keypad support, two-wire smoke detectors, and end-user/installer features separate the VISTA®-15P control panel from all other six-zone panels.

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VISTA®-15PSIA Control Panel
Product Overview

Product Overview

The versatile VISTA®-15P Control Panel is an ideal choice for your residential installations. Able to send alarm signals and upload/download via an IP, your customers will benefit from improved information delivery speed. Plus, the VISTA®-15P Control Panel can be installed in homes without POTS lines when used with an AlarmNet 360® Internet or 4G communicator.

With 16 hardwired expansion zones, two graphic keypad options and supporting up to 16 two-wire smoke detectors, the VISTA-15P Control Panel o ffers you — and your customers — the most panel for the dollar.

  • IP alarm reporting and uploading/downloading capability for Internet and Intranet use via iGSMV4G, 7845i-ENT, GSMV4G or GSMX4G
  • Six on-board hardwired zones — 16 hardwired and 26 wireless expansion zones
  • Supports two graphic touchscreen keypads
  • Eight independent key fob zones allow wireless key programming without zones
  • Eight output devices — 4204 Relay Modules or 4229 Expansion Module
  • Two low-current, on-board trigger outputs
  • 50-event log viewable at system keypads with time and date stamp*
  • 32 system user codes
  • Two installer configurable zone types allow you to create custom zone types
  • Multiple system actions with light indicators
  • Built-in phone line cut monitor with programmable delay and annunciation options
  • Supports four-wire and up to 16 two-wire smokes — works with Sentrol's CleanMe* maintenance signal
  • Exit countdown

*CleanMe is a registered trademark of Sentrol, Inc.

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VISTA® Control panel