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SiX® Two-Way Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector


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SiX® Two-Way Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector


Dual Smoke/Heat and CO Detector

The SiX®COMBO is a two-way wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detector with four sensing elements that improve detection, while reducing false alarms. This smart home security system device is equipped with a battery pull-tab and auto-enrollment for easy installation.

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SiXCOMBO Two-Way Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector
Product Overview

Product Overview

The SiX ®COMBO is a two-way wireless smoke/heat and carbon monoxide detector that will complement any smart home and provide unmatched protection for your customer. The device features a “One-Go-All-Go” system: if one sensor detects smoke/heat or elevated carbon monoxide, all sensors in the home security system will sound for an added layer of safety.

The two-in-one capability of the device, plus its battery pull-tab, auto-enrollment and no-touch adjust, makes for easy installation and reduces the capacity for errors.

Product Features:

  • Automatic performance check every 200 seconds ensures continued protection
  • Clear audio alerts with built-in 85 dB piezo sounder that features powerful alarm tones
  • Multi-lingual voice speaker with emergency notifications
  • 360° visual alarm with status LEDs that show status alerts
  • 10-year electrochemical sensor life
  • 24/7 professionally monitored-life safety protection

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SiX® Two-Way Wireless Smoke/Heat and CO Detector