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Wireless Smoke-Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector


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Wireless Smoke-Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector


Wireless Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

This dual detector helps safeguard both your customer and their property. The smart home security device features four sensing elements, which aid in detection and reduce the potential for false alarms. It also has a 10-year battery for a reliable lifespan.

This product is available from a licensed professional installer


Wireless Smoke-Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector
Product Overview

Product Overview

This wireless smart home smoke-carbon monoxide detector provides multi-threat protection to your customer in one easy-to-install device. Using four sensing elements , the 5800COMBO can react quickly to dangerous, elevated levels of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide while also reducing the opportunities for false alarms.

The electro-chemical sensor has a 10-year lifespan, making the device a reliable choice for both the homeowner and the professional. Plus, the duality of the device reduces installation time and cost.

Product Features:

  • 85 dB piezo sounder with a one-inch voice speaker
  • Supports multi-language alarm feedback
  • A prominent, 360° viewable LED shows visual alerts
  • Infrared (IR) flame sensing that measures ambient light levels and flame signatures
  • Automatic drift compensation of smoke and CO sensors accommodates for dust build-up over time

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Wireless Smoke-Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector